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Glass-barb, Puntius guganio (Hamilton, 1822)

Glass-barb, Puntius guganio

Glass-barb, Puntius guganio

Systematic position
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes)
Order: Cypriniformes (Carps)
Family: Cyprinidae (Minnows and barbs)
Genus: Puntius
Species: P. guganio

Barbus carletoni Fowler, 1924
Barbus guganio (Hamilton, 1822)
Cyprinus guganio Hamilton, 1822
Leuciscus guganio (Hamilton, 1822)
Puntius carletoni (Fowler, 1924)

Common/local names
English: Glass-barb
Bangladesh: Punti (পুঁটি) and Mola punti (মলা পুঁটি)
India: Putti and Gujani (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991).

Distributions: Bangladesh and India (Ganga and Brahmaputra river systems in the gangetic provinces, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991).

Conservation status: Not Threatened in Bangladesh (IUCN Bangladesh, 2000). Rare at present (Rahman, 2005).

Morphology: Body elongate and head small in comparison with body length. Mouth terminal, upper jaw slightly longer than lower with no barbels. Pectoral equals to head excluding snout but dorsal longer than head. Scales small and deciduous; lateral line incomplete. 36 (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991) scales on lateral line.

Body diaphanous and brownish silvery in color with a silvery band along side. A small black spot at base of anterior dorsal fin rays and a black blotch present at the base of caudal fin. Head 3.7-4.0 in standard, 5.2-5.4 in total length. Height 2.6-3.2 in standard, 3.5-4.2 in total length. Eye 2.9-3.4 ; snout 0.66-0.84 ; interorbital 1.1-1.4 (Rahman, 1989 and 2005).

Fin formula:
D. 11 (3/8); P1. 12; P2. 9; A. 8 (3/5) (Rahman, 1989 and 2005)
D iii 8; A ii 5; P i 10; V i 8 (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991)

Maximum lengths: 5.4 cm (Rahman, 1989 and 2005) and 8 cm (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991).

Habitats: Inhabits small rivers, canals, beels, ponds and similar water areas in Bangladesh (Rahman, 1989 and 2005).

Fishery information: Of no interest to fisheries (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991).



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