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Habitat of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh: Order Cypriniformes

The place in where particular plants or animals live is known as habitat. Within the habitat, organism occupies different niches. A niche is the functional role of a species in a community. Habitat is a place where species get what they need to survive food, water, cover, and a place to rare young. There are 265 species under 154 genera and 55 families (Rahman, 2005) found in Bangladesh and they inhabit various patterns or different freshwater habitat. Here the habitat of some freshwater fish species under the order cypriniformes is given in a tabular form.

Scientific name English name/ Common name Bengali name/ Local name Habitat
Psilorhynchus balitora Balitora  minnow Balitora Hillstream (Talwar and Jhingran,2001)
Psilorhynchus sucatio Sucatio minnow Titary Edges of sandy streams, seems to be most abundant near emergent or overhanging vegetation (Talwar and Jhingran,2001)
Psilorhynchus gracilis Rainbow  minnow Balitora Small pebbles in shallow running waters where the bottom is primarily sand. Widespread in the Gangetic lowlands. It inhabits a much wider distribution through the lower reaches of the ganga and Brahmaputra rivers (Talwar and Jhingran,2001)
Oxygaster gora Ghora chela River,canal, beel, haor, baor, flooded jute and paddy fields are the habitat of O. gora (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Tanks, beels, canals and rivers (Talwar and Jhingran,2001)
Salmostoma argentea Fulchela Stream and canals of Meghna drainage (Rahman,2005)
Salmostoma phulo Finescale rajorbelly minnow Fulchela Streams , canal, beel, haor and inundated fields (Rahman,2005)River, canal, beel, haor and baor during rainy season. Also found in flooded paddy and jute field. Cleaning freshwater is more suitable than turbid water (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Salmostoma bacaila Large razorbelly  minnow Narkelichela Rivers, streams, tanks, flooded paddy and jute fields of Dhaka and its surrounding areas (Bhuiyan,1964)Rivers, canal,beel, haor, baor, flooded paddy and jute fields.Prefer to live clean water without aquatic weeds (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Plains and submontane regions (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Rivers, beels, ponds and inundated fields throughout Bangladesh (Rahman,2005)
Esomus danricus Flying barb Darkina, Danrika Smaller streams, ponds, ditches, beels and inundated fields.Abundant during rainy season (Rahman,2005)Inhabits ponds and weedy ditches (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Chela cachius Silver hatchet chela Chep chela Canal, beel, and river. They are surface dweller and move in shoal. Found in clean water than turbid water (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Flowing waters, in plains and srbmontane regions (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Chela laubuca Indian glassbarb, Indian hatchet fish laubuca Canal, beel, baor and river.Lives also in shallow paddy and jute fields during rainy season. They prefer sandy filled with aquatic weeds (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Aspidopariya jaya Jaya Jaya Rivers of the northern part of Bangladesh (Rahman,2005)
Aspidoparia morar Aspidopari Morari, Morar Found in rivers and streams (Rahman,2005)
Rajbora elonga  Along , Sephatia Beel, jheel, streams, ponds and pools (Bhuiyan,1964)Canal, beel, baor, river and pond. They prefer dirty area. Found abundantly in jute and paddy fields during rainy season (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Rasbora rasbora Pearly rasbora,Ceylonese fire – barb Darkina, Leuzza darkina Inhabits mountain streams(Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Rasbora daniconius Darkina, Dankoni River, canal, beel, haor, baor, river and pond .Clean water is suitable than turbid water for their living(Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Streams, ponds, pools, aquarium and impounded water (Bhuiyan,1964)
River, canal, beel, river, ditches ,pond ,streams and inundated fields (Rahman,2005)
Barilius bola Bol, Bhol Found in hill streams (Rahman,2005)
Barilius shacra Shacra bari Koksa, Saku koksha River, canal, beel, etc (Shafi and kuddus,2001)River and streams (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Barilius bendelisis Hamilton barila Koksa, Joiy, Hiralu Found in  river and streams (Rahman,2005)Inhabits rivers  and streams along the base of hills (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Barilius barna Barna baril Koksa, Bony koksha Clear hill streams with gravel bottom (Rahman,2005)Hill streams and large rivers (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Barilius tileo Tileo baril Tila, Tilakoksha Information is not available
Barilius barila Barred baril Barali, Koksha Large hilly streams and shallow clear rivers along foot of hills (Rahman,2005)
Barilius vagra Vagra baril Koksha Streams (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Danio devario Devario danio Banaspata, Debari Rivers, jheels and tanks (Gupta, 1908)Inhabits the plains and submontane regions (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Abundant in rivers, canals, ponds, beels and inundated fields (Rahman,2005)
Danio rerio Zebra danio, Zebra fish Anju Slow moving to stagnant standing bodies of water, particularly rice fields (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)Lives in river, canal, beel, haor and baor (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Danio aequipinnatus Giant danio Chebil Upland streams with pebbles sandy bottom (Rahman,2005)Lives in river, canal, beel, haor and baor (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Hillstreams (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Danio dangila Dangila danio Nipati Mountain streams (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Amblypharyngodon mola Moia carplet, Pale carplet Mola, Moya Rivers, streams, beels and tanks of East Pakistan (Bhuiyan,1964)Rivers, canals, beels, ponds and inundated field throughout Bangladesh (Rahman,2005)
Amblypharyngodon microlepis Indian carplet Mola Rivers, canals and ponds throughout Bangladesh (Rahman,2005)
Rohtee cotio Dhela, Koti,Mauwa Rivers, canals, beels, haors, baors and pond. Generally move in shoal (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Freshwater, rivers, ponds and lakes (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Chagunius chagunio Chaguni Jarua, Utti Large rivers characterized by rocky bottom, clear and fast water and little or no vegetation. Adults are found in habitats with stronger current than juveniles prefer (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Osteochilus neilli Found in rivers (Rahman,2005)
Labeo gonius Kuria labeo Goni, Ghaibnn Clear transparent water of the rivers and their tributaries. They are seen in deep pools, clear sluggish streams and rivulets (Bhuiyan,1964)
Labeo nandina Nandio labeo Nandina Rivers and beels (Rahman,2005)Haor, baor, canal and beel (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Labeo calbasu  Black rohu Kalbaush Beels and haors usually reared and cultured in tanks (Rahman,2005)Rivers and ponds (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)Haor, baor, canal ,beel, and river. Slightly tidal water is suitable than closed water. Prefer muddy bottom (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Labeo boggut Found in rivers (Rahman,2005)
Labeo rohita Rohu Rui, Rohu, Rou Rivers, beels, deep, pools and clear sluggish streams. It is largely stocked in ponds, reservoirs and tanks (Bhuiyan, 1964)Paddy fields (Hora, 1951)
River, canal, beel, haor and baor and paddy fields (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Labeo angra Angra labeo Angrot, Kharsa, Kharish Rivers, lakes and ponds (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)Rivers and streams (Rahman,2005)
Labeo pangusia Pangusia labeo Ghora maach, Longu Inhabits rivers, lakes and ponds (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Hill streams, rivers of plain land (Rahman,2005)
Labeo bata Bata labeo Bata, Bhangon bata Rivers (Rahman,2005)
Labeo boga Bhangon, Bhangon bata Rivers (Rahman,2005)
Labeo dero Muree labeo Kursha, Katal kushi Rivers (Rahman,2005)
Cirrhinus cirrhosus Mrigal Mrigel, Mirk Rivers, haors, baors, canals and beels. Prefer muddy bottom. They can also lives in closed water (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Rivers and tanks (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Cirrhinus reba Reba carp Bata, Raik, Tatkini Rivers, canals, ponds, beels and inundated fields (Rahman,2005)
Puntius sarana Olive barb Sarnaputi, Saralputi Rivers, lakes, beels and other freshwater areas in Bangladesh (Rahman,2005)
Rivers, haors, baors, freshwaters of beel, flooded Jute and paddy field. It can live in sandy bed mixed with mud and fairly swift current (Shafi and kuddus, 2001)
Puntius chola Swamp barb Chala punti Rivers, canals, khals, beels, haors, ponds and inundated fields (ahman, 2005)
Puntius guganio Glass barb Mola punti Small rivers, canals, khals, beels, haors, ponds (Rahman, 2005)
Puntius phutunio Dwarf  barb, Pigmy barb Phutani punti Rivers, beels, pools, streams and ponds (Rahman,2005)Beel, river and pond. Sometimes found in shallow water. They prefer sandy and muddy bottom (Shafi and kuddus, 2001)
Puntius chonchonius Rosy barb, Red barb Canchan punti, Taka punti All freshwater areas in Bangladesh (Rahamn, 2005)Lakes and streams (Talwar and Jhingran,  2001)
Haor, baor, beel, river, flooded Jute and Paddy field. Generally prefer bottom of aquatic vegetation and mud (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Puntius ticto Ticto barb, Firefin barb Tit punti Sandy and muddy beds of the Mahanadi where algae and other weeds occurred (Hora, 1940)Streams, canals, beels, ponds, ditches and inundated fields (Rahman,2005)
Montane and submontane regions (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Puntius gelius Golden barb,Golden dwarf barb Gili punti Still waters (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Canal, beel, baor and river more or less (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Puntius sophore Spofin swamp barb Puti, Jat puti, vadi puti Beel, jheel, baor, pond and also river. Shallow stagnant clear water of paddy fields (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Plains and submontane regions (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Very abundant in freshwaters (Rahman,2005)
Puntius terio One – spot barb Teri puti Rivers, canals, ponds, ditches and inundated fields (Rahman,2005)
Puntius casuatis Casuatis barb Kasuati Beel, haor and river (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Ditches, ponds. Streams and canals (Rahman,2005)
Tor tor Tor mohseer Mohashol Abundantly found in Kaptai lake. Lives in rocky water body and tidal hill streams (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Tor putitora Putitor mahseer Mohashol Montane and submontane regions, in running streams and rivers (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Catla catla Catla Catla, Katal Rivers, haors, baors, beels, paddy field (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Crossocheilus latius Gangetic latia Kalabata Streams and rivers (Rahman,2005)
Garra gotyla gotyla Gotyla Ghar poia Shallow marginal waters of the rivers (Rahman,2005)
Garra annandalei Annandale garra They hide below rocks and boulders in the swift and clear (Rahman,2005)
Nemacheilus botia Bilturi, Natwa, Balichata Inhabits submontane zones  (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Hill streams and clear water creeks, clear water, swift flowing streams with of rocks, pebbles and sand are good habitats (Rahman,2005)
Nemacheilus zonalternans Information is not available
Nemacheilus corica Korica, Koirka Hill streams with sandy bottom (Rahman,2005)
Nemacheilus zonatus Dari River (Rahman,2005)
Nemacheilus beavani River (Rahman,2005)
Nemacheilus sikmaiensis Clear, swift streams, with bottom of rocks and boulders (Rahman,2005)
Nemacheilus savana Hill streams (Rahman,2005)
Acanthophthalmus pangia Panga Streams (Rahman,2005)
Somileptes gongota Poia, Ghar-poia, Pahari guium Canal, beel, haor and river.Generally they prefer muddy bottom (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Streams and rivers (Rahman,2005)
Botia dario Neckite Rani Canal, beel, haor, baor and river.Gnerally prefer muddy bottom (Shafi and kuddus,2001)Streams (Rahman,2005)
Botia lohachata Y- loach Rani, Beti Plains and submontane regions (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Botia dayi Hora loach Rani, Beti Canal, beel, haor, baor and river.Generally prefer muddy bottom (Shafi and kuddus,2001)
Lepidocephalus guntea Guntea loach Gutum, Puiya Streams, also in swamps and beels (Rahman,2005)Flowing or even standing waters (Talwar and Jhingran, 2001)
Lepidocephalus annandalei Annandale  loach Gutum, Puiya Information is not available
Lepidocephalus irrorata Loktak  loach Puiya Information is not available
Lepidocephalus berdmorei Burmese  loach Puiya Information is not available
Lepidocephalus thermalis Malabar loach Gutum, Gutuia Canal, beel, haor, baor and river.Generally found in bottom. (Shafi and kuddus,2001)



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