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Fisheries Teacher Profile: Syed Ariful Haque

Syed Ariful Haque

Syed Ariful Haque
Dept. of Fisheries Technology
Sheikh Fajilatunnesa Mujib Fisheries College
Melandah, Jamalpur, Bangladesh

Contact Details
Mobile: +88-01725-405740 (personal), +88-01711-613301 (official)
Fax: 0981-64407


Research Experience:

  • Position: Research Assistant
    Project Title: The Influence of chemicals and drugs on microbial flora used indiscriminately in aquaculture
    Project Place: Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries Technology, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202
    Funded by: Institute Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI)
    Principal Investigator: Dr.Md Nurul Absar Khan
    Year: 2011-2012



  1. Haque S.A, Reza M.S, Akhter J.N, and RahmanM.K. (2013) Shelf life of antibiotic treated rohu fish, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) under ice storage condition. J.Bangladesh Agril. Univ. 11(2): 385-390.
  2. Omar M.I, Hoq M.S, Haque S.A, Alam M.A, Islam M.A, Janifa U.A (2014) Market Integration and Seasonal Price Variation of Pangas Fish in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh. IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) Volume 16, Issue 1. Ver. I PP 59-67.
  3. Haque S.A, Reza M.S, Sharker M.R, Rahman M.M, and Islam M.A (2014) Effectiveness of oxytetracycline in reducing the bacterial load in rohu fish (Labeo rohita, Hamilton) under laboratory culture condition. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine 2014; 2(4): 259-263.
  4. Kashem M.A, Uddin M.N, Hossain M.M, Hasan M.T, Haque S.A, Khan M.N.A, Mohammed Masud Hassan M.M, and Hossain F.M.A (2014) Effect of Oxytetracycline on bacterial load of Labeo rohita (Rohu) fish in culture pond. Global Advanced Research Journal of Microbiology (ISSN: 2315-5116) Vol. 3(2) pp. 018-024.
  5. Omar M.I, Islam M.A, Haque S.A, Alam M.A, and Janifa U.A (2014) Marketing System of Shrimp in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh. European Journal of Business and Management Vol.6, No.4, pp 132-141.
  6. Omar M.I, Haque S.A, Sharker M.R, Islam M.F, and Alam M.A, (2014) Marketing System, Seasonal Price Variation and Market Integration Of Hilsha (Tenualosa ilisha) Fish In Some Selected Areas Of Bangladesh. British Journal of Marketing Studies Vol.2, No.1, pp.101-116.
  7. Omar M.I, Haque S.A, Islam M.A, and Hoq M.S (2014) Seasonal Price Variation and Market Intregration of Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Fish in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare Vol.4, No.3, pp 089-098.
  8. Roy VC, Kamal M, Faridullah M, Haque S.A and Reza M.S (2014) Influence of salt and herbal substance on the drying and reconstitution performance of Bombay duck, Harpodon nehereus. Journal of Fisheries 2(1): 59-63.


Educational background:

  • Graduation
    B.Sc. Fisheries (Honours)
    Institute: Bangladesh Agricultural University
    Faculty: Faculty of Fisheries
    Year of pass 2010
    Hall Fazlul Haque Hall
  • Post Graduation
    MS in Fisheries Technology
    Department: Fisheries Technology
    Year of Pass: 2012
    Hall: Fazlul Haque Hall
    Thesis Title: Effects of antibiotic treated fish diet on bacterial flora under laboratory condition
    Guide and Co-Guide: Professor Dr. Md. Nurul Absar Khan and Dr. Md. Shaheed Reza


Honorable Member

  • International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS)


Personal Info:

  • Nick Name: Emon
  • Home: Village – Bir Dokkin, Post office- Bir Uttar, Upazilla- Dharampasha, District- Sunamganj


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