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Sind Danio, Devario devario (Hamilton, 1822)

Dind Danio, Devario devario

Sind Danio, Devario devario

Systematic position Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes) Order: Cypriniformes (Carps) Family: Cyprinidae (Minnows and carps) Genus: Devario Species: D. devario



Cyprinus devario Hamilton, 1822 Danio devario (Hamilton, 1822) Leuciscus …read more

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Devario assamensis (Barman, 1984): A newly recorded freshwater fish in Bangladesh

Devario assamensis

Assam Danio, Devario assamensis

Devario assamensis (Barman, 1984) was recorded (first time in Bangladesh) from Madhabkundo waterfalls and adjacent streams in Moulovibazar District of Bangladesh by Ahmed et al. in 2013 (Ahmed et al. 2013). It is a colourful fish and can be reared in aquarium as …read more