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Aquaculture, an option for alleviating poverty: case study 01

Md. Ameer Sheikh is an inhabitant of Purba Gangabardi village of Faridpur

Md. Ameer Sheikh is an inhabitant of Purba Gangabardi village of Faridpur


Md. Ameer Sheikh, son of Late Sheikh Kazem is …read more

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The St. Martin’s Island

A portion of St. Martin's Island

A view of St. Martin’s Island

The St. Martin’s Island is a small island of 8 kilometer square area and also known as Narikel Jingira (Coconut Island). This coral island is located in the northeastern portion of the Bay of Bengal (92°18´ …read more

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Brood banks in Bangladesh

In general, brood bank is a place (hatchery or farm) where brood fishes are available. Under the project “Establishment of the brood bank” by government of Bangladesh, two brood banks were established in each division of the country where quality broods can be found. In these brood banks, brood fishes are produced from natural spawns and distributed to other government and non-government hatcheries at minimum costs.

List of brood banks, …read more

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The Padma River

A view of the Padma near Rajshahi

A view of the Padma near Rajshahi

The Padma is the second longest river of Bangladesh (Hossain et al., 2005). It is the main distributary of the Ganges which originates in the Gangotri glacier of the Himalayan. The part of the Ganga in Bangladesh is known as the Padma which …read more

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Finfishes of the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans (beautiful forest) is the largest mangrove forest of the world and is a component of the greater Ganga-Brahmaputra estuarine system. It occupies the area between latitude 21027’30” to 22030’00” north and longitude 89002’00” to 90000’00” east (Huda and Haque 2003). The following finfish species are available in the Sundarbans (Huda and Haque 2003)-


Order: Carcharhiniformes (Ground sharks)

Family: Carcharhinidae (Requiem …read more

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Duck weeds in Bangladesh

Duck weed: Lemna minor

Duck weed: Lemna minor

Duck weeds are the group of floating plants belonging to the genera Lemna, Azolla and Wolffia (Singh and Mittal, 1999). But Das (1997) mentioned Lemna, Spirodela, Wolffia and Wolffiella genus as duck weeds. So far, a total of 34 species …read more

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Exotic fish of Bangladesh: Angel, Pterophyllum scalare (Schultze, 1823)

Pterophyllum scalare, black variety

Pterophyllum scalare, black variety

The angelfish is a very popular tropical fish because of its unique shape and interesting personalities (Galib and Mohsin, 2011). This fish is naturally found in Amazon River, Africa and Guinea (Shammi and Bhatnagar, 2002; Saxena, 2003). Life span is …read more