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Farm-raised Tilapia is not Health Hazard at all in Bangladesh and Elsewhere in the Globe

GIFT ClusterVery recently on 12 October, 2015 a report circulated by an US based Internet Blog ie. “Healthy Food House” with a title “Stop eating tilapia ASAP”. The report mentioned that there was evidence that tilapia, the third most consumed fish in America, is extremely …read more

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Aquaculture, an option for alleviating poverty: case study 01

Md. Ameer Sheikh is an inhabitant of Purba Gangabardi village of Faridpur

Md. Ameer Sheikh is an inhabitant of Purba Gangabardi village of Faridpur


Md. Ameer Sheikh, son of Late Sheikh Kazem is an inhabitant of …read more

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Artificial Light: New Perspective in Aquaculture in Bangladesh

How does artificial light affect the growth of fish? To clarify this mechanism, it is important to mention the common endocrine mechanism in fish. The environmental factors such as temperature, rainfall, photoperiod, water current stimulate the hypothalamus of fish to synthesis gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), consequently triggers the pituitary to synthesis gonadotropin hormone (GTH). GTH then stimulates the gonad to mature by synthesizing gonadal hormone. This is also called brain-hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad …read more

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Maize in fish feed: in context of Bangladesh

Maize (called vutta in Bengali) is one of the emerging crops in Bangladesh, is being cultivated for long time; though still is being considered as minor crops. Price, demand and supply of maize are increasing worldwide. Bangladesh has a great potentiality to increase the maize cultivation due to its soil and climate suitability. Due to the huge demand for poultry feed, people and government of Bangladesh paid attention to grow …read more

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Nursery management of Labeo calbasu at Raipur Fish Hatchery, Laxmipur



The Labeo calbasu (Hamilton, 1822) is a threatened fish species (present status: Endangered) in Bangladesh due to the loss of habitats (IUCN Bangladesh, 2000). Successful artificial or induced breeding can be a good option to conserve this species. However, nursing of new born fry is an important step in …read more

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Common Carp Nursery Pond Management

Nursery ponds are very important for producing fish seeds/fingerlings. Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) nursery pond management in Rajshahi city was observed for a period of 6 months in 2009. Findings are briefly described here.

Pre-stocking management:

Pond collection: Majority farmer collected ponds through lease system. Lease duration was generally 3 years and pond collection cost was reasonable. Bottom and dyke repair: Bottom and dyke were repaired carefully before stocking the …read more