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Habitat Improvement Techniques in Lentic Water Bodies

The place in where particular plants or animals live is known as habitat. Within the habitat, organism occupies different niches. A niche is the functional role of a species in a community. Habitat is a place where species get what they need to survive food, water, cover, and a place to rare young. Habitat improvement refers any kind of positive changes in the habitat, which provide favorable condition for growth, …read more

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Importance, Establishment and Management of Fish Sanctuary

Bangladesh is blessed with the world’s richest and most diverse inland aquatic ecosystem having a wide variety of living aquatic resources such as ponds, canals, ox-bow lakes, haors, baors, river, floodplain, beel etc. But over the years, due to natural and man-made causes, aquatic bio-diversity especially species diversity of fish and other aquatic organism in open water have been declining sharply. It is very essential to undertake necessary attempts on …read more

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Fish Sanctuary: Management Tool and its Impacts on Fisheries of Bangladesh

Partial view of River Bangali

Partial view of River Bangali

Fish sanctuary means to establish and maintain a particular area in the water body as a permanent shelter for protection of fish for natural propagation. In another word, fish sanctuary is a demarcated protected area, where …read more

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Climate change: A threat for fishermen communities

Bangladesh is situated at the interface of two contrasting settings with the Bay of Bengal and the North Indian Ocean to the south and the Himalayas to the north. This gives the country the life giving monsoons on one hand, and the catastrophic disasters like tropical cyclones, storm surges, floods, droughts and erosion, on the other. The geographical location, low and almost flat topography, very high population density etc. have …read more

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Aquapollution and its impact on aquatic environment

Aqua Pollution is said to be the oldest issue for the world but the whole world somehow manage to talk about it again and again. Sometimes there come some suggestions but it’s the ultimate truth that aqua pollution didn’t, doesn’t and will not stop because of the continuous movement of human civilization. Several literatures has already set light on the identified point and non-point sources that cause aqua pollution. But …read more

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Sariakandi fish pass: a modern fish friendly structure of Bangladesh

Sariakandi fish pass as viewed from the Jamuna river: showing passage and control uniteSariakandi fish pass as viewed from the Jamuna river: showing passage and control unite

Sariakandi fish pass as viewed from the Jamuna river: showing passage and control unite

Fish passes also called as fishways or channels …read more