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Critically Endangered (CR) Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh

Conservation status of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh (According to IUCN Bangladesh (2015a, b))

Conservation status of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh (IUCN Bangladesh (2015a, b))

A critically endangered (CR) species is one which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as facing a very high …read more

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Extinct Fishes of Bangladesh

Labeo dyocheilus

Labeo dyocheilus

Thirty species of fishes have been listed as extinct in inland waterbodies specially rivers of Bangladesh (Hossain, 2014). Famous Bangladeshi fisheries biodiversity scientist Dr. Hossain (Dr. Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain, Professor of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, BAU) also reported that more than hundred species of riverine fishes have been gone to under threat to extinct. According to Hossain (2014), a list …read more

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Devario assamensis (Barman, 1984): A newly recorded freshwater fish in Bangladesh

Devario assamensis

Assam Danio, Devario assamensis

Devario assamensis (Barman, 1984) was recorded (first time in Bangladesh) from Madhabkundo waterfalls and adjacent streams in Moulovibazar District of Bangladesh by Ahmed et al. in 2013 (Ahmed et al. 2013). It is a colourful fish and can be reared in aquarium as an ornamental …read more

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Highfin glassy perchlet, Parambassis lala (Hamilton, 1822)

Parambassis lala

Systematic position (Nelson 2006) Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes) Order: Perciformes (Perches) Suborder: Percoidei Superfamily: Percoidea Family: Ambassidae/Chandidae (Asiatic glassfishes) Genus: Parambassis Species: P. lala

Synonyms Chanda lala Hamilton, 1822 Ambassis lala (Hamilton, 1822) Pseudambassis lala (Hamilton, 1822)

Common/local names English: Highfin glassy perchlet Bangladesh: …read more

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Fin Fishes of the River Choto Jamuna

River Choto Jamuna is an important and well-known river in Northern Bangladesh and one of the major distributaries of the River Atrai. This river contributes much in terms of fish production and source of income for many fishermen living beside this river. A total of 63 species of fishes have been recorded belonging to 41 genera, 23 families and 9 orders (Galib et al 2013). However …read more

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Past and Present Status, and Prospects of Ornamental Fishes in Bangladesh

Ornamental fishBangladesh is a land of river and she has a diverse fisheries resources. There are 260 freshwater species, 475 marine water species, 24 fresh water prawn species, 36 marine shrimp species and crab, snail, mussel, turtle, etc. in our water body (DoF, 2010). Freshwater aquaculture, coastal …read more

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Chacunda gizzard shad, Anodontostoma chacunda (Hamilton, 1822)

Systematic position: Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes) Order: Clupeiformes (Herrings) Family: Clupeidae (Herrings, shads, sardines, menhadens) Genus: Anodontostoma Species: A. chacunda

Synonyms: Clupanodon chacunda (Hamilton, 1822) Chatoessus chacunda (Day, 1878) Dorosoma chacunda (Weber & deBeaufort, 1913) Andontostoma chacunda (Munro, 1995)

Common/local names: English: Chacunda gizzard shad Bangladesh: Koi punti (কই পুঁটি), Chakunda (চাকু্নদা)(Rahman, 1989) Phillipines: Kabasi (Herre, 1948) Myanmar: Bony bream (Department of Fisheries Malaysia, 2009)

Distributions: Andaman …read more