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Roseline Shark, Puntius denisonii (Day, 1865)

The Roseline Shark

The Roseline Shark

The Roseline Shark was recorded from an aquarium shop in Dhaka city (Galib, 2010). It is also known as Red Lined Torpedo Barb, Bleeding Eye Barb or Denison’s Barb and native to fast-flowing hill streams and rivers of the state …read more

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Aquarium Fisheries in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh

Keeping ornamental fishes in aquarium is now become a common practice, especially in urban areas. But in Bangladesh, this practice is still not much popular to the people of all categories, and still confined between rich and upper-medium class people. A place decorated with a well set up aquarium can easily attract people of all ages. Nowadays, this aquarium business established as a highly profitable and luxurious business.

Though Rajshahi …read more