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Important Fish Seed Producing Hatcheries in Jessore District, Bangladesh

Map of Jessore District, Bangladesh (source:

Map of Jessore District, Bangladesh (source:

Jessore is one of the largest town of the country situated in the southwestern region of Bangladesh. It is bordered by Khulna and Satkhira District to the south; Magura and Narail to the …read more

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Farm-raised Tilapia is not Health Hazard at all in Bangladesh and Elsewhere in the Globe

GIFT ClusterVery recently on 12 October, 2015 a report circulated by an US based Internet Blog ie. “Healthy Food House” with a title “Stop eating tilapia ASAP”. The report mentioned that there was evidence that tilapia, the third most consumed fish in America, is extremely …read more

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Seminar on Trends and Future Strategies of Fisheries Research and Extension: Bangladesh and West Bengal

magazineWest Bengal Professional Fisheries Graduates’ Association (WBPFGA) organized a seminar on Trends and Future Strategies of Fisheries Research and Extension: Bangladesh and West Bengal at Faculty of Fishery Sciences (FFS) of the West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences (WBUAFS), Kolkata on 26 December 2015. Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Purnendu Biswas of …read more

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Extinct Fishes of Bangladesh

Labeo dyocheilus

Labeo dyocheilus

Thirty species of fishes have been listed as extinct in inland waterbodies specially rivers of Bangladesh (Hossain, 2014). Famous Bangladeshi fisheries biodiversity scientist Dr. Hossain (Dr. Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain, Professor of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, BAU) also reported that more than hundred species of riverine fishes have been gone to under threat to extinct. According to Hossain (2014), a list …read more

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Economic Importance of Shellfishes of Bangladesh


Almost all farmed produced shrimps are exported as processed frozen sea food and is the second largest export item in Bangladesh. Presently 162 processing plants are in operation among which 74 processing plants are EU approved. Directly and indirectly more than 2 million people are engaged in upstream and downstream activities related to shrimp industry in the country- in harvesting, culture, processing and exporting (DoF, 2012). Majority of …read more

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