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Photofeature: Freshwater Fishes of Sunamganj Haor Area (Part-C)

Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822)

Catla catla

Catla catla

English Name: Catla Bengali Name: Catla (কাতলা), Katol (কাতল) IUCN (Bangladesh) Status: Not threatened


Chaca chaca (Hamilton, 1822)

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Striped snakehead, Channa striata (Bloch, 1793)

Striped snakehead: Channa striata

Striped snakehead: Channa striata

Systematic position (Nelson 2006) Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes) Order: Perciformes (Perches) Suborder: Channoidei (Ophiocephaliformes) Family: Channidae (Snakeheads) Genus: Channa Species: C. striata

Common/local names English: Striped snakehead, Banded snakehead and Snakehead murrel Bangladesh: Shol (শোল) India: Haal …read more