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Mrigel: Cirrhinus cirrhosus

Mrigel: Cirrhinus cirrhosus

Mrigel: Cirrhinus cirrhosus


Cyprinus mrigala Hamilton, 1822

Cirrhina mrigala Day, 1878

Cirrhina mrigala Shaw and Shebbeare, 1937

Cirrhina mrigala Bhuiyan, 1964

Cirrhina mrigala Ahmad, 1943

Cirrhinus mrigala mrigala Talwar and Jhingran, 1991

Common name: Caurvery white carp

Local name: Mrigel, Mirka

Taxonomy position:

Phylum- Chordata




Genus- Cirrhinus

Fin formula:

D. …read more

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Mrigal: Cirrhinus cirrhosus

Mrigal inhabits river, tanks, haors, baors, beels, flood plain, ponds of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and in south Asian countries. It is next in importance to Catla and Rohu for culture (Rath, 2000).

It is common cultured carp species in our country mainly bottom dweller, detrivorous and suitable for cultivation with surface and middle feeder carps in ponds. The stomach contents of this fish include …read more