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Habitat of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh: Order Cypriniformes

The place in where particular plants or animals live is known as habitat. Within the habitat, organism occupies different niches. A niche is the functional role of a species in a community. Habitat is a place where species get what they need to survive food, water, cover, and a place to rare young. There are 265 species under 154 genera and 55 families (Rahman, 2005) found in Bangladesh and they …read more

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Classification of Cypriniformes

Fishes of Cypriniformes

Fishes of Cypriniformes

Cypriniformes is an enormously successful group of freshwater fishes. This order contains 3000 or so species, divided into main three lines of development- the characins-piranhas and their relatives- from Central to South American and Africa; the electric eels from tropical and subtropical …read more