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Bay of Bengal: A Bay of Prospects towards National Flourishment

Coastal artisanal fishing

Coastal artisanal fishing

Bangladesh is endowed with vast marine and coastal waters having an area of about 1.5 times more than that of her total land mass. The environment is under the dynamic interface between terrestrial systems and marine systems dominated by wave actions …read more

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Finfishes of the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans (beautiful forest) is the largest mangrove forest of the world and is a component of the greater Ganga-Brahmaputra estuarine system. It occupies the area between latitude 21027’30” to 22030’00” north and longitude 89002’00” to 90000’00” east (Huda and Haque 2003). The following finfish species in the Sundarbans (Huda and Haque 2003)-


Order: Carcharhiniformes (Ground sharks)

Family: Carcharhinidae (Requiem sharks)

Blacktip reef shark, …read more

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Essential components of finfish hatcheries of Rajshahi district

Overhead Tank

Overhead Tank

Rajshahi is one of the richest districts of Bangladesh in respect of its vast, divers and unique fisheries resources. There are 9 upazillas in Rajshahi district. Total pond area of Rajshahi district is 7,729 ha which is 2.53% of total pond area of Bangladesh (3,05,025 ha). Where as total fish production of ponds of Rajshahi district is 25,576 MT …read more