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An Introduction to Aquafeeds

Floating and Sinking Aquafeed

Floating and Sinking Aquafeed

Culture of aquatic animals especially fish culture has undergone a dramatic worldwide growth in the last few years. The aquaculture industry is the fastest growing food production industry in the world and approximately 50% …read more

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Maize in fish feed: in context of Bangladesh

Maize (called vutta in Bengali) is one of the emerging crops in Bangladesh, is being cultivated for long time; though still is being considered as minor crops. Price, demand and supply of maize are increasing worldwide. Bangladesh has a great potentiality to increase the maize cultivation due to its soil and climate suitability. Due to the huge demand for poultry feed, people and government of Bangladesh paid attention to grow …read more

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Fish feed shops in Natore

List of Upazilla (sub district) wise fish feed shops in Natore district are noted here. This list is not the complete list of all the fish feed shops in Natore. Anyone can add additional info here. Please leave your info as comment/s.

UPAZILA: BARAIGRAM ____________________________

Bismillah Traders (বিসমিল্লাহ ট্রেডার্স) Proprietor: Md. Muzibur Rahman Sarkar Location: Bonpara Bazar, Bonpara, Baraigram Contact: +88 01739489836

Feroze Poultry Feeds (ফিরোজ পোল্ট্রি ফিডস) Proprietor: Md. …read more

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Fish Feed Shops in Rajshahi

Different types of fish feed shops are found in Rajshahi City Corporation Area. Most of them are situated in Grater road and Shaheb bazar. Main products of these shops are fish feed ingredients, packed fish feed, fertilizers and aqua chemicals. Important shop name, proprietor, products, location and contact number are given here.

Shop: Adorsho Poultry and Dairy Feed Proprietor: Products: All kinds of fish feeds Location: Kadiaganj, Grater Road, Rajshahi-6000 …read more