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Important Fish Seed Producing Hatcheries in Jessore District, Bangladesh

Map of Jessore District, Bangladesh (source:

Map of Jessore District, Bangladesh (source:

Jessore is one of the largest town of the country situated in the southwestern region of Bangladesh. It is bordered by Khulna and Satkhira District to the south; Magura and Narail to the …read more

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Fishes of the River Halda

River Halda

River Halda

Bangladesh is a riverine country and more than 700 rivers are present in this country (BFRI, 2007). In ancient time river was the main source of fishes from where people consume and mitigate their demand. Fishes bred and live in river without facing problems. There are four stock of Indian major carps are found in our …read more

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Fish pox: a skin disease of fishes

Fish pox, or carp pox, is one of the oldest known diseases of fish, recorded as early as 1563. Fish pox is a chronic skin disease that occurs among several species of propagated cyprinids. It is also called carp pox, epithelioma papillosum, and papillosum cyprini.

Etiology: The etiological agent, of this disease is Herpesvirus cyprini which was first reported by B. Hofer in 1904.


Icosahedral DNA virus with …read more

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Vibriosis: an enzootic disease of fishes

Definition: Vibriosis is an enzootic disease of fish, recorded from all over the world. It is almost exclusively caused by halophilic vibrios of the species Vibrio anguillarum and rarely by Vibrio parahaemolyticus. It occurs among various fish species, predominantly in marine and brackish waters, and occasionally in fresh water. First described as red pest disease of eels. Now described as hemorrhagic lesions on the body surface of many marine fishes.

…read more

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Fish Markets in Rajshahi City Corporation

Selling of fish in Laxmipur market, Rajshahi

Selling of fish in Laxmipur market, Rajshahi

Fish market is a place inside or outside the country where the fishes and fish products which are of commercial importance are subjected to sale and it is a link between the trader and the consumers. These …read more

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Photoquiz: Fishes of Bangladesh

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