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Economic Importance of Shellfishes of Bangladesh


Almost all farmed produced shrimps are exported as processed frozen sea food and is the second largest export item in Bangladesh. Presently 162 processing plants are in operation among which 74 processing plants are EU approved. Directly and indirectly more than 2 million people are engaged in upstream and downstream activities related to shrimp industry in the country- in harvesting, culture, processing and exporting (DoF, 2012). Majority of …read more

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Importance, Establishment and Management of Fish Sanctuary

Bangladesh is blessed with the world’s richest and most diverse inland aquatic ecosystem having a wide variety of living aquatic resources such as ponds, canals, ox-bow lakes, haors, baors, river, floodplain, beel etc. But over the years, due to natural and man-made causes, aquatic bio-diversity especially species diversity of fish and other aquatic organism in open water have been declining sharply. It is very essential to undertake necessary attempts on …read more