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Population Blast in Bangladesh: Role of Fisheries in the Development of this Raising Population

Global overview: 11th July, the World Population Day. This year’s (2008) slogan of this very day is “It’s a right, let’s make it real.” Current population of the world is about 6700 million which was only 5000 million in 20 years ago that is in 1987. According to this data, more than 80 million people are adding to the world’s population every year. United Nation says, this population will reach …read more

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Women’s Empowerment and their Role in Fisheries Development in Bangladesh

Dry fish sorting

Dry fish sorting

Introduction: In the words of Kazi Nazrul Islam, `what is wonderful achievement in the world has been half done by women and the rest half by men.’ This quotation of the poet bear the expression that woman plays a vital role in the developing of a country or nation. As they are left out …read more