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Photographs of Chalan Beel, an Improtant Fisheries Hotspot of Bangladesh

Some photograph of chalan beel, an important fisheries hotspot of Bangladesh are published here. All photographs of chalan beel are taken by author during monsoon at Natore and Sirajgong districts.

01. Fishing by net (Khara Jal) in chalan beel

Fishing by net (Khara …read more

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Fishing Traps of Halti Beel, Natore, Bangladesh


Bitte: A common trap in Beel Halti

Introduction: The fishermen of Beel are adapting with different types of trap for fishing purposes. Based on types and structure the traps are mainly of two types, closed trap and open trap. In maximum cases, the closed traps are simply box like structure and made of split bamboo, cane etc. The mechanisms of these …read more