Terms and Conditions

Please read very carefully these terms and conditions before registering for the BdFISH. Participation in the BdFISH websites indicates that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not register for or participate in the BdFISH.

If you think that anyone already broke this agreement, please let us know via email (contact at bdfish dot org) without posting any comment on any feature. Details terms and conditions are-


  • Manuscript of article, sent us for consideration or published, will be considered as author’s own writing. This is also factual for any comment made on BdFISH website.
  • Source/s of secondary data used in the manuscript must be mentioned properly (i.e. under reference or literature cited headings).
  • In case of secondary data, if oral or written permission is required, author himself/herself will manage it from appropriate authority. A manuscript submitted with secondary data will indicate that author sent it after completing all such formalities or procedures.


  • Ownership of all writings/comments on BdFISH will be established to both author/commenter and BdFISH.
  • A part  or full of an article published on BdFISH website can be used by noncommercial purpose with mentioning author name and BdFISH as references and in case of online use, backlink must be placed in appropriate position.
  • Duplication (partial or full) for commercial use of any document published on BdFISH website must not be made without written permission.


  • Only fisheries related information (text, image, audio, video etc.) can be shared on BdFISH.
  • Audio and video files cannot be uploaded on BdFISH. These should be uploaded to any third party website (like Youtube) and it should be embedded in the BdFISH feature.


  • Documents related to porn (text, picture, audio, video, link or others) will not be uploaded or sent for publication.


  • All the authors will be considered as the members of BdFISH Team.
  • Personal and communal harmony must be maintained while working in BdFISH Team.
  • Do not try to attack any person/organization by using BdFISH.


  • Other’s personal information like cell phone number, email ID or others cannot be published on BdFISH or will not be sent for consideration.
  • Information like password or credit card number must not be published here.
  • If any author convicted for publishing personal information (own or other’s), only the author can be blamed with sufficient evidence; but blame cannot be given to BdFISH under any circumstances.


  • Due to technical difficulties, your documents (published or raw) may be damaged partially or completely or subjected to reproduce by others without permission.
  • Though BdFISH will try its best to make regular backup of published documents but this cannot ensure the proper safety or storage of your document/s.
  • Authors are requested to keep a backup of his/her documents.


  • Author will bear all the responsibilities of the feature sent for consideration or published on BdFISH websites.
  • Under any circumstances, blame cannot be given to BdFISH.


  • While working as an author or posting comment, national or international laws (copyright, humanity etc.) cannot be dishonored.
  • If anyone violates one or more of these laws, only s/he will be convicted for his/her responsible, not BdFISH.


  • BdFISH tries its best to maintain data accuracy.
  • If by anyhow anyone receives damage, directly or indirectly, for using information of BdFISH; blame cannot be given to BdFISH.