Be a BdFISH Author

What is BdFISH?

The BdFISH stands for Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home which serves as an online platform for sharing fisheries information worldwide. But to us, the BdFISH is name of a hope, a dream! We hope to gather and publish fisheries information of Bangladesh through a single platform.

What are the goals and objectives of BdFISH?

The one and only goal of BdFISH is to establish an online platform that will help to share fisheries information. At present, BdFISH Team is working to reach its goal and objectives by launching two websites BdFISH Bangla and BdFISH.

Who can participate in BdFISH?

Anyone may participate in BdFISH. Any self-motivated or interested people from any location can join BdFISH. You may join with us as an author. If you join with us please send your writings to Before sending your writings you may visit this page.  Interested people can play a key-role in the development of BdFISH, s/he may starts as a reader and can ended up as an Editors of BdFISH.

How to participate in BdFISH?

It’s simple. Anyone can be a member of BdFISH after publishing feature. Interested people can also publish his/her feature by sending documents to Before sending your writings you may visit this page.  Any comment or at least regular visit to BdFISH websites are the symbols of participation.

How can I share information?

Write fisheries information in the form of a feature or article and send it to as attachment file/s. Please send your photographs and profile as separate file/s for first time. Accepted manuscript will publish on BdFISH website as early as possible.

What type of information is shared on BdFISH website/s?

Fisheries based/related information off course! It should be informative and logistic and can be written either in Bengali or English or both. Reference/s must be given in case of secondary information. Duplication (copy-pest) of other’s writings will not be accepted (even after mentioning the reference/s). No one can violet national or international laws (e.g. copyright law) by writings or comments. See BdFISH Terms and Conditions for more details. Previously unpublished feature/s will get priority.


If you are interested to be a BdFISH author, please submit your feature to