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Extinct Fishes of Bangladesh

Labeo dyocheilus

Labeo dyocheilus

Thirty species of fishes have been listed as extinct in inland waterbodies specially rivers of Bangladesh (Hossain, 2014). Famous Bangladeshi fisheries biodiversity scientist Dr. Hossain (Dr. Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain, Professor of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, BAU) also reported that more than hundred species of riverine fishes have been gone to under threat to extinct. According to Hossain (2014), a …read more

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Threatened to Extinct Fishes of Bangladesh

Threatened to extinct fishes of Bangladesh: The IUCN Bangladesh (2000) has made a list of threatened to extinct fishes of Bangladesh. These species are considered as threatened fishes of Bangladesh. The National Categories of Threatened Animals are based on the Global Threatened Categories of IUCN. Bangladesh National Criteria were developed on the basis of qualitative data due to the lack of quantitative ones. The National Categories and Criteria …read more