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Orange Snakehead: A new species of snakehead in Bangladesh?

Orange Snakehead: A new species of snakehead in Bangladesh?

Orange Snakehead: A new species of snakehead in Bangladesh?

Presence of numerous black spot on the bright-orange body surface of the fish makes it different from other five snakehead species in Bangladesh although the external characters are same. The external characters of the fish mostly found to be similar with Channa barca but a critical …read more

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Teachers Profile: Dr. M. Manjurul Alam

Dr. M. Manjurul Alam

Dr. M. Manjurul Alam Associate Professor Department of Fisheries University of Rajshahi Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh.

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +88 0721 751355; +88 01712172018

Research interest: Fish biology

Professional experience

Academic (23 October 2000 – to Date)

Preparing and delivering lectures in under graduate and post …read more

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Journal Profile: Bangladesh Journal of Zoology

Cover page of Bangladesh Journal of Zoology

Cover page of Bangladesh Journal of Zoology

Bangladesh Journal of Zoology is published by Bangladesh Zoological Society, Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. The ISSN of the journal is 0304-9027.

Journal Contact: …read more

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Atrai Fish Market: an overview

Bangladesh is a riverine country. About 230 rivers spread through like nets over Bangladesh. The river Atrai is a one of the most famous river of Bangladesh. The upozila Atrai is named by the name of the river Atrai which is situated at the east side of Naogaon at a distance of 30 km. 


A village namely Tetulia is situated at the north-east side of the Ahasangang railway …read more

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Fishes of the river Padma near Rajshahi, Bangladesh: Part-6

A survey has been carried out in order to explore the existing fish fauna of the river Padma near Rajshahi. One species of Chondrichthyes and 72 species of Osteichthyes of fishes were recorded. Details are given in Fish and Other Fisheries Items of the river Padma Near Rajshahi of Bangladesh.

The photograph, taxonomic position, Scientific name, Local name, Availability, reproduction and breeding season of the recorded species are presented …read more

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Bookbhara Baor

Bookbhara Baor

“Bukbhara Baor” is one of the well-known and renowned Baor in under sadar upazilla of Jessore district. The Baor is locates in the western position of the Upazilla. All of the Baors of Bangladesh is now under management either managed by the GOB or the private leaseholders. In the case of …read more

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Small Indigenous Species (SIS) of Fishes

What is SIS?

According to Rahman (1989), there are 260 species of freshwater indigenous fishes in Bangladesh. Among them, which grow to a size of 25 cm or 9 inches at mature or adult stage in their life cycle are known as Small Indigenous Species (SIS; Felts et al. 1996). However, people may argue over this definition as maximum …read more