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Book profile- Introduction to fish species diversity: Sunamganj haor region within CBRMP’s working area

Cover page of "Introduction to fish species diversity"

Cover page of “Introduction to fish species diversity”

“Introduction to fish species diversity: Sunamganj haor region within CBRMP’s working area” presents mainly a checklist of fish species of Sunamganj haor region within CBRMP’s working …read more

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Teachers Profile: Dr. M. Manjurul Alam

Dr. M. Manjurul Alam

Dr. M. Manjurul Alam Associate Professor Department of Fisheries University of Rajshahi Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh.

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +88 0721 751355; +88 01712172018

Research interest: Fish biology

Professional experience

Academic (23 October 2000 – to Date)

Preparing and delivering lectures in under graduate and post …read more

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Freshwater and Estuarine Fishes of Bangladesh

Freshwater and Estuarine Fishes: General parameter to differentiate freshwater from estuarine habitat is the salinity level of water. Freshwater contains less than 0.5 ppt (Parts Per Thousand) salinity whereas estuarine water contains moderate salinity (generally 14-17 ppt). We can easily define freshwater and estuarine fish species in such ways that “fishes live in freshwater habitats are called freshwater fish and fishes live in estuarine habitat are called estuarine fishes.”

But, …read more

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Kaptai Lake

Bangladesh is enriched with extensive potential water resources distributed all over the country. Kaptai Lake is one of the most important freshwater body which is the largest man-made freshwater resource in the South-East Asia as well as in Bangladesh. The Kaptai Lake was created by damming the river Karnaphuli near Kaptai of Rangamati district in 1961. This lake was primarily created for hydro-electrical power generation.

Physical structure:

Kaptai Lake …read more

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Fin Fishes of the River Choto Jamuna

River Choto Jamuna is an important and well-known river in Northern Bangladesh and one of the major distributaries of the River Atrai. This river contributes much in terms of fish production and source of income for many fishermen living beside this river. A total of 63 species of fishes have been recorded belonging to 41 genera, 23 families and 9 orders (Galib et al 2013). However …read more

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Fisheries Personnel Profile: Dr. Md. Gulam Hussain

Dr. Md. Gulam Hussain

Dr. Md. Gulam Hussain Senior Aquaculture/Fish Genetics Professional/Consultant and Former Director General of Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI)

Contact: Cell phone: 880 175 155980 E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] Home: House #: 73; Road #: 13; Sector: 11; Uttara, Dhaka 1230; Bangladesh


Dr. Md. …read more

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Atrai Fish Market: an overview

Bangladesh is a riverine country. About 230 rivers spread through like nets over Bangladesh. The river Atrai is a one of the most famous river of Bangladesh. The upozila Atrai is named by the name of the river Atrai which is situated at the east side of Naogaon at a distance of 30 km. 


A village namely Tetulia is situated at the north-east side of the Ahasangang railway …read more