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Fishing Methods in Open Water of Narail, Bangladesh

Fishing with the help of otter

Fishing with the help of Otter

Fishing techniques based on using fishing gears (traps & nets) and crafts or by practicing any other ways, has been developed in different parts of Bangladesh. Gears and crafts, used in open water bodies are different from that used in closed water …read more

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Global Warming, Bangladesh Fisheries and Cop-15 Convention-2009

Climate change has moved to front and center of the world’s environmental agenda. Global warming is the major of all the changes of climate that stand as a disaster against world’s fisheries. Global warming is an increase in the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution. Global warming is expected to lead to an …read more

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Global Warming and Inland Fisheries

Fish are more sensitive to temperature than many animals because they cannot maintain a constant body temperature and their body is exactly the same temperature as the water they are swimming in. Different species can live in very cold or very hot water, but each species has a range of temperatures that it prefers, and fish can’t survive in temperatures too far out of this range. When fish encounter water …read more

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The Impact of Global Warming on Coastal and Marine Fisheries

The impacts of global warming such as wetland loss, salinity changes, and higher temperatures are all likely to affect finfish and shellfish in the coastal zone. Coastal marshes and mangroves are the primary nursery grounds; most of the reproduction occurs in the part of the wetlands that are within about 50-100 feet of the open water. Those species that are either reproduce in coastal wetlands or spend their entire lifetimes …read more