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HACCP: Opening a New Dimension of Quality Control

It was until mid 90s since before the word HACCP was not a familiar word for Bangladeshis. People were unaware about the quality of any product since they blindly believed what the company is advertising must be based on some legal background. In 1995 when a lion share of shrimp and prawn export product of Bangladesh failed to fulfill the quality requirement set by the foreign buyer only then the …read more

Category: Quality control | Technology

Implements of HACCP in Prawn Culture in Bangladesh

Background: The need for an effective food safety assurance method (HACCP)

Food borne diseases remain one of the most widespread public health problems in the contemporary world. The increasing incidents of many foods borne illness (i.e. Salmonellosis) in many regions of the world. Increasing awareness of the economic consequences of food borne diseases. Increasing consumers’ awareness of food safety. Emerging food borne pathogens. Low price of exported prawns in international …read more