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Use of algae as fish bait in the Dharla River, Kurigram

This photograph is taken from Dharla River, Kurigram, showing bunch of algae used as fish bait

Introduction: Alga (Pl. algae) can be defined as, the primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems, roots and leaves.[1] With a little bit more explanation algae can also be defined as: Algae are very large and diverse group of simple, typically …read more

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Electro Fishing

Now a day, electro fishing is being successfully used in the many countries of the world. Commercial electric fishing is common in these countries both for river and sea fishing. Electro fishing is an unconventional method of fish collection and used to catch fishes through saving time, labor, money and man-power. Also, this method does not affect the growth, the viability and the reproductive capacity of the fishes; moreover, food …read more

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Fishing technique in rural areas of northern Bangladesh during Monsoon

Fishing from natural resources is an ancient practice resembling the history of human beings. Particularly this scenario is very common in the rural areas during monsoon. When agricultural lands, road side canals, ditches, flood plains etc. are flooded during the monsoon, fishing activity starts in an intensifying means. Although fishing technique began through using hands but with the change of time and evolutionary process, this technique is also changed. At …read more

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Fishing Methods in Open Water of Narail, Bangladesh

Fishing with the help of otter

Fishing with the help of Otter

Fishing techniques based on using fishing gears (traps & nets) and crafts or by practicing any other ways, has been developed in different parts of Bangladesh. Gears and crafts, used in open water bodies are different from that used in closed water …read more