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Fin Fishes of the River Choto Jamuna

River Choto Jamuna is an important and well-known river in Northern Bangladesh and one of the major distributaries of the River Atrai. This river contributes much in terms of fish production and source of income for many fishermen living beside this river. A total of 63 species of fishes have been recorded belonging to 41 genera, 23 families and 9 orders (Galib et al 2013). However …read more

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Poradaha Fish Fair 2013

The largest dwarf goonch at the fair, 190 cm in TL

The largest Dwarf goonch at the fish fair measuring 190 cm in TL

The Poradaha Fish Fair of Bogra district is a famous fair in Northern Bangladesh. The date of the fair is quite interesting, …read more

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Baluhar Baor: A Crucial Harbor of Great Diversity

Baluhar Baor area is a “Hot spot (a very rich area in biodiversity)” of Bangladesh. A total of 3 major species of Annelids, 20 species of Arthropods, 8 species of Mollusks, 72 species of Fishes, 3 species of Amphibians, 13 species of Reptiles, 52 different species of Birds, 16 species of Mammals, 22 species of Aquatic macrophytes and 145 species of flowering plants (Sub-kingdom: Phanerogamia) were identified …read more

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Photofeature: Freshwater Fishes of Sunamganj Haor Area (Part-C)

Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822)

Catla catla

Catla catla

English Name: Catla Bengali Name: Catla (কাতলা), Katol (কাতল) IUCN (Bangladesh) Status: Not threatened


Chaca chaca (Hamilton, 1822)

Chaca chaca…read more

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Habitat of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh: Order Cypriniformes

The place in where particular plants or animals live is known as habitat. Within the habitat, organism occupies different niches. A niche is the functional role of a species in a community. Habitat is a place where species get what they need to survive food, water, cover, and a place to rare young. There are 265 species under 154 genera and 55 families (Rahman, 2005) found in Bangladesh and they …read more

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Compound S-GnRHa Hormone: A Great Potential in Commercial Fish Seed Production

Packet of imported Compound S-GnRHa

Packet of imported Compound S-GnRHa

Bangladesh is world’s one of the largest delta of three major river system i.e. the Ganga, the Jamuna and the Brahmaputra. Water resources are considered as bless of the Almighty for Bangladesh. …read more

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Fishes of the River Halda

River Halda

River Halda

Bangladesh is a riverine country and more than 700 rivers are present in this country (BFRI, 2007). In ancient time river was the main source of fishes from where people consume and mitigate their demand. Fishes bred and live in river without facing problems. There are four stock of Indian major carps are …read more