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The Ramsagar (রামসাগর) is a large dighi (tank) situated in the village Tejpur which is about 8 kilometers south of the Dinajpur town. It is a famous tourist spot in north-west Bangladesh under the care of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. It is considered to be the biggest man-made tank of Bangladesh and can be approached from the Dinajpur town by a metalled road, which was once known as the ‘Murshidabad Sarak’ (Banglapedia, 2011).

This fisheries resource is a great place to visit and picnic. With the concept of eco-tourism gaining in popularity all over the world, the Forest Department of Bangladesh is considering a number of the country’s national parks for developing this concept, and the Ramsagar National Park is on that list.

Barind tract formed on the old alluvium of Pleistocene period by new alluvial deposit of Tista silt and the Gangetic alluvium is rich in archaeological specimen.  In this tract Ramsagar is a splendid excavation of Raja Ramnath. It was excavated on the eve of the battle of Palashi, when Alivardi Khan was the nawab of Bengal (Banglapedia, 2011).

Though not a sea- for its overwhelming dimension, tranquility and scenic beauty it recalls that vision. Soon after partition in 1947 AD it was visualized in all sections of people as a place to watch and enjoy. Visitation was intensified. Surrounding areas still remained as depiction of desert. Conversion it into green image-along with water body gave rise to panoramic view. As a step ahead towards nature and solitude the area was declared as Rasagar National Park on April 30, 2001.

Ramsagar at a glance
Name: Ramsagar (রামসাগর)
Location: Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Excavated by: Raja Ramnath
Excavation period: 1750-1755
Length: 3399 feet
Breadth: 998 feet
Park area: 68.54 acres
Lake area: 77.90 acres

Legend: In old days this area once became famine stricken owing to long drought. Many lives were lost for want of food and drinking water. Then lake was excavated by the king of Dinajpur, Raja Ramnath by employing a huge number of peoples. But not a single drop of water found in the lake. The prince Ram was sacrificed his life as per divine message. The lake got filled up with water. Thus the people got a perpetual source of water. To quench their thought the lake was named after the name of prince Ram.



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