National Fish of Bangladesh: Hilsa
National Fish of Bangladesh: Hilsa

A report published by Mr. M Jasim Uddin from Barguna in a famous bangle daily newspaper “Prothom Alo” on 12.07.2011 titled as “Indian fishermen art driving operation in Bangladeshi water

In his report Mr. Jasim highlighted the threats of Bangladeshi Hilsa fisheries by Indian fishermen. I believe Mr. Jasim reported this news not only to perform a professional job assigned on him. There might be some patriotism and grievance or our poor forehead from his heart that comes truly through his pen. Thanks Prothom alo for publishing this report. Being a fisheries graduate I understand our misfortune well. For details of Mr. Jasim’s report I have referred the link above but added few more points that is very obvious from Bangladeshi perspective and requires earnest remedy from the GOB and consequent fisheries ministry.

Use of hi-tech equipments:
Indian fishing boats are modern and speedy equipped with high tech instruments like powerful binocular, wireless etc. In this respect Bangladeshi boats and fishing system is far behind to them. Clearly Bangladeshi fishermen are working less efficiently that may be a major cause of gradually decreasing Hilsa capture in Bangladesh. Pathorghata fish landing station chief Mr. Mir Md. Humayun Kabir informed that, Bangladesh collect around 50 -60 % Hilsa of total worlds collection per year where India collect only 15 -20 %. But in recent year our capture is declining and Indian capture is increasing almost double surprisingly.

Lack of communication and information collection:
It seems that our information collection system is not working properly. Either it is not well organized or there is a tardiness happening in the acting authority. We have coast guard working to save our coastal resources but they do not know about the Hilsa robbery by Indian fishermen.

Neglecting responsibility by government:
As per Territorial Water and Maritime Act 1974 it is GOB responsibility to protect won marine fisheries resource from any treat. But unfortunately no such activities are being observed.

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Fisheries News Analysis: New Threats on Hilsa Fishery of Bangladesh

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