List of Upazilla (sub district) based fish feed shops in Joypurhat district are included here. This list is not the complete list of all the fish feed shops in Joypurhat. Anyone can add additional info here. Please leave your info as comment.



Messrs Babul Traders (মেসার্স বাবুল ট্রেডার্স)
Proprietor: Md. Babul Hossain
Location: Machua Bazar, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01712993839

Saudagar Poultry Hatchery (সওদাগর পোল্ট্রি হ্যাচারী)
Proprietor: Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal
Location: Sadar Road, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01197142417

Messrs Moni Traders (মেসার্স মনি ট্রেডার্স)
Proprietor: Md. Jahangir Hussain Alam
Location: Station Chattar, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01712073969

Aftab Poultry Feed and Chiks (আফতাব পোল্ট্রি ফিড এণ্ড চিকস)
Proprietor: Md. Shovon Chowdhury
Location: Thana road, Jypurhat
Contact: +88 01190731595

Messrs Habib Traders (মেসার্স হাবিব ট্রেডার্স)
Proprietor: Md. Shohag
Location: Thana road, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01753326009

Messrs Shefali Poultry Farm (মেসার্স শেফালী পোল্ট্রি ফার্ম)
Proprietor: Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique
Location: Thana road, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01711428903

Messrs Anisur Traders (মেসার্স আনিসুর ট্রেডার্স)
Proprietor: Md. Anisur Rahman
Location: Dhanmondi, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01718616776


Chowdhury Matsha Khabar Ghar (চৌধুরী মৎস্য খাবার ঘর)
Proprietor: Md. Abul Hasanat Chowdhury
Location: Danejpur, Kamdia Road, Panchbibi, Joypurhat
Contact: +88 01717851210


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Fish feed shops in Joypurhat

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