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Photofeature: Freshwater Fishes of Sunamganj Haor Area (Part T-Z)


Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822)

Tenualosa ilisha

Tenualosa ilisha

English Name: Hilsa shad, Hilsa Bengali Name: Ilish (ইলিশ), Hilsa (হিলসা), Ilisha (ইলিশা) IUCN (Bangladesh) Status: Not threatened


Tetraodon cutcutia (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822)

Tetraodon cutcutia…read more

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Fishes of the River Halda

River Halda

River Halda

Bangladesh is a riverine country and more than 700 rivers are present in this country (BFRI, 2007). In ancient time river was the main source of fishes from where people consume and mitigate their demand. Fishes bred and live in river without facing problems. There are four stock of Indian major carps are …read more

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Book profile- Introduction to fish species diversity: Sunamganj haor region within CBRMP’s working area

Cover page of "Introduction to fish species diversity"

Cover page of “Introduction to fish species diversity”

“Introduction to fish species diversity: Sunamganj haor region within CBRMP’s working area” presents mainly a checklist of fish species of Sunamganj haor region within CBRMP’s working …read more

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Atrai Fish Market: an overview

Bangladesh is a riverine country. About 230 rivers spread through like nets over Bangladesh. The river Atrai is a one of the most famous river of Bangladesh. The upozila Atrai is named by the name of the river Atrai which is situated at the east side of Naogaon at a distance of 30 km. 


A village namely Tetulia is situated at the north-east side of the Ahasangang railway …read more

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Fish Drying and Dehydration

Sorting of dried fish

Sorting of dried fish

Fish is an extremely perishable food item and required preservation for future uses. Several preservation methods are followed over the world for preserving fish. Aim of all these methods is same- to extend the shelf-life of …read more

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Fishes of the river Padma near Rajshahi, Bangladesh: Part-4

A survey has been carried out in order to explore the existing fish fauna of the river Padma near Rajshahi. One species of Chondrichthyes and 72 species of Osteichthyes of fishes were recorded. Details are given in Fish and Other Fisheries Items of the river Padma Near Rajshahi of Bangladesh.

The photograph, taxonomic position, Scientific name, Local name, Availability, reproduction and breeding season of the recorded species are presented …read more

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Teachers Profile: Professor Dr. ABM Mohsin

ABM Mohsin

Dr. A.B.M. Mohsin Professor Department of Fisheries University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

E-mail: abmmohsin Web:

Research Interest: Fish diversity

Major responsibilities: at a glance

Preparing and delivering theoretical lectures Demonstrating practical classes Monitoring class tests and …read more