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Journal Profile: Journal of Fisheries

Journal of Fisheries

Journal of Fisheries

Journal of Fisheries is a double blind peer reviewed open access journal published by BdFISH, a non-profit voluntary organization for sharing fisheries information worldwide. Journal of Fisheries was launched with a view to publishing quality articles on the house. All issues (full) of the Journal of Fisheries are also available on …read more

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National Fish Week 2014 at the University of Rajshahi

Fish Week 2014 Rally

Fish Week 2014 Rally

The National Fish Week 2014, held during July 2-8, was celebrated at the University of Rajshahi on July 08. On this occasion, day long program was undertaken by the Department of Fisheries. A rally, led by the Chairman of the department Dr. Md. Delwer Hossain, was brought out. The festive gathering was joined …read more

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Fisheries Teacher Profile: Syed Ariful Haque

Syed Ariful Haque

Syed Ariful Haque Lecturer Dept. of Fisheries Technology Sheikh Fajilatunnesa Mujib Fisheries College Melandah, Jamalpur, Bangladesh

Contact Details Email: Mobile: +88-01725-405740 (personal), +88-01711-613301 (official) Fax: 0981-64407 Web:


Research Experience:

Position: Research Assistant Project Title: The Influence of chemicals and drugs on microbial flora used indiscriminately in aquaculture Project Place: Faculty of Fisheries, …read more

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Extinct Fishes of Bangladesh

Labeo dyocheilus

Labeo dyocheilus

Thirty species of fishes have been listed as extinct in inland waterbodies specially rivers of Bangladesh (Hossain, 2014). Famous Bangladeshi fisheries biodiversity scientist Dr. Hossain (Dr. Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain, Professor of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, BAU) also reported that more than hundred species of riverine fishes have been gone to under threat to extinct. According to Hossain (2014), a list …read more

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BdFISH Feature Team 2014

Team leader

Shams Muhammad Galib Shams Muhammad Galib



abm mohsin ABM Mohsin


Suman Mandal Suman Mandal


Nipa Chaki Nipa Chaki


…read more

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Fisheries Personnel Profile: Md. Abu Nayeem

Md. Abu Nayeem

Md. Abu Nayeem Research Assistant WorldFish-Bangladesh and South Asia Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact: Mobile : 01717063142 e-mail :

Career Objective: A challenging position providing career enhancement with sportsman spirit, communication skill, development and educational experience, desire to work meaningfully through consistency, discipline and hardworking attitude where quality performance

Special Qualification: Coordination, Training organizer, communication, relation buildup, case study, Expert …read more