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Non-traditional fish seeds for aquaculture

যশোরের চাঁচড়া এলাকায় রাস্তার পাশে মাছের পোনা বিক্রয়ের দৃশ্য

Fish seed selling

Majority fishes cultured in Bangladesh are carps. These are major carps (Rohu, catla, mrigal and calbasu) and Chinese carps (silver carp, bighead carp, common carps and grass carp). Some other species are also cultured in Bangladesh, such as walking catfish, stinging catfish, sutchi catfish etc.

Chasra area of Jessore district is famous for fish seed production in Bangladesh. Several non-carp seeds are also available in this area. These are walking catfish (native, hybrid and African; locally known as magur), stinging catfish (shing), butter catfish (pabda), climbing perch (koi) and clown knifefish (chital). Fish seed producers sell their seeds through displaying seed samples into plastic jars just by the main road. A customer can buy his/her desired fish seed/s from there. After choosing, retailers delivered desired amount of fish seeds to the customers from nearby nursery ponds. Probably, this type of fish fry selling at Chasra is unique in Bangladesh. At the time of displaying fish seeds into jars, the sellers change water when needed and also supplied food (Tubifex) to the fish seeds of carnivorous feeding habit.

Retail price of these fish seeds are listed here-

Native climbing perch (deshi koi, 1-1.5 inches) = 2 Tk./piece

African catfish (African magur, 1-1.5 inches) = 0.8 Tk./piece

Hybrid walking catfish (hybrid magur, 1-1.5 inches) = 0.8 Tk./piece

Native walking catfish (deshi magur, 1-1.5 inches) = 3 Tk./piece

Stinging catfish (shing, 1.5-2 inches) = 3 Tk./piece

Hybrid walking catfish (hybrid magur, 1-1.5 inches) = 0.8 Tk./piece

Sutchi catfish (Thai Pangas, 4-4.5 inches) = 7 Tk./piece

Butter catfish (Pabda, 3-3.5 inches) = 5 Tk./piece

Red tilapia (Red tilapia, 1-1.5 inches) = 1 Tk./piece

Clown knifefish (chital, 1 inch) = 3.5  Tk./piece

Clown knifefish (chital, 3-4 inches) = 25  Tk./piece

If someone wishes to buy Black carp seed then s/he may buy it from here at the rate of 35 Tk./piece (5-7 inches).

শিং মাছের পোনা

Stinging catfish seeds

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