Cotio: Rohtee cotio
Cotio: Rohtee cotio


Cyprinus cotio Hamilton, 1822

Rohtee cotio Day, 1878

Rohtee cotio Shaw and Shebbeare, 1937

Rohtee cotio Bhuiyan, 1964

Osteobrama cotio cotio Talwar and Jhingran, 1991

Common name: Cotio

Local name: Dhela, Moa, Keti, Chela, Dhipali, Lohasura

Taxonomy position:

Phylum- Chordata



Family- Cyprinidae

Genus- Rohtee

Fin formula:

D. 10(2/8);   P1. 15;   P2. 9-10;   A. 33-36( 3/30-33). (Rahman, 2005)

Description of the species:

Body compressed and elevated. Head depressed, its length is 5.0 to 5.5 of total length and 4.0 to 4.3 of standard length (Rahman, 1989). Eyes situated on lateral side of the head. Inter orbital space flat. Mouth small and lip thin. Barbels absent, gill opening quite wide, gill rakers valliform. Dorsal profile rises from the end of operculum to the origin of dorsal and hence curves down to the base of caudal. Abdominal profile is convex. Lateral line is complete. Pectoral extends nearly to the origin of pelvic. Anal quite long, caudal forked. Colour of the body is silvery with scattered pigment spots on dorsal side (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991). According to Rahman (1989), maximum length is 108 mm in total length.

Habit and Habitat:

This is a small fresh water fish living mainly in the rivers, streams, beels and jheels throughout Bangladesh. This fish is generally surface feeder small fish.

Economic importance:

High priced fish, source of god animal protein, vitamins and other nutrient.

Status and conservation:

It is rare in Barnai river. This fish is listed in IUCN red list as threatened (IUCN, 2000). To increase awareness of disadvantage of the using of pesticides and different water pollution are play an important role for conservation.


Shams Muhammad Galib for providing the photograph of this species.  Another feature of this fish is here which is posted by Shams Muhammad Galib.

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Cotio: Rohtee cotio

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