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Shellfishes of Bangladesh: Shrimp and Prawn

Shellfish, a group of invertebrates and aquatic organism, is covered by chitinous or calcareous exoskeleton.  Shell means an outer covering or layer which is popularly known as “Khoalos” in Bengali. Shellfishes are belonging to two major Phylum Arthropoda and Mollusca. In Bangladesh, there are a wide range of shellfishes have been found which comprise different  groups such as, Crustaceans (shrimp, prawn, lobster, crayfish, and crab) Molluscs (clam, mussel, oyster and scallop), and others (squid, octopus and snails, sea urchins, etc.). A list of shrimp and prawn species found in Bangladesh is given here-

Sl. Scientific name English name Local name Habitat
1 Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Giant freshwater prawn Golda Chingri F, B
2 Macrobrachium malcomsonii. Monsoon river prawn Chotka icha or Thangua icha. F, B
3 Macrobrachium dolichodactylus Goda river prawn Goda chingri or Brammhani chingri. F, B
4 Macrobrachium rude Hairy river prawn Pata chingri B
5 Macrobrachium villosimanus Dimua river prawn Dimua icha F
6 Macrobrachium mirabile Latiya icha Shortleg river prawn F, B
7 Macrobrachium lamarrei Kuncho river prawn Gura icha or kuncho chingri. F, B
8 Macrobrachium birmanicum Birma river prawn Shul/thengua/nazari icha. F, B
9 Macrobrachium dayanum Kaira river prawn Kaira icha or beel chingri. F
10 Macrobrachium idella Slender river prawn Chikna chingri. F
11 Macrobrachium lancesteri Rice land prawn Dhanua chingri F, B
12 Macrobrachium kempi
13 Macrobrachium superbum
14 Macrobrachium palaemonids
15 Palaemon styliferus Roshna prawn Gara icha. F, CR
16 Palaemon tenuipes Spider prawn Latiya icha or Gura icha. F, B, M
17 Palaemon karnafuliensis Karnafuli shrimp Karnafuli chingri or Gura icha. B
18 Palaemon / Expalaemon modestus Siberian prawn Siberian chingri FW
19 Palaemon serrifer Carpenter prawn M
20 Penaeus monodon Giant /Jumboo tiger shrimp Bagda chingri B, M
21 Penaeus indicus Indian white shrimp Chapda chingri or sada icha B, M
22 Penaeus semisulcatus Indian white shrimp Chapda chingri or sada icha B, M
23 Penaeus merguiensis Banana shrimp/ White prawn Kola chingri or Bagha chama B, M
24 Penaeus orientalis White shrimp Baro chama, Chapda chingri B, M
25 Penaeus canaliculatus White prawn Dora kata chingri. M
26 Penaeus penicillatus Red tail prawn Chama icha/ Lalchama icha. M
27 Penaeus japonicas Kuruma prawn Dora kata /Japani chingri. M
28 Metapenaeus monoceros Speckled/Ginger shrimp Harina/ Kharkharia chingri B, M
29 Metapenaeus affinis Jinga shrimp Kerani chingri M
30 Metapenaeus lysianassa Bird shrimp Kachu chingri. M
31 Metapenaeus dobsoni Kadal shrimp Lona/ Gosha chingri. B, M
32 Metapenaeus brevicornis Yellow shrimp Honni/saga/ kucho chingri B, M
33 Metapenaeus spinulatus Brown shrimp Lalia/chama chingri B, M
34 Metapenaeopsis andamanensis Rice velvet shrimp Dhaina icha M
35 Metapenaeus stridulans Fiddler prawn Chama chingri M
36 Prapenaeopsis hardwickii Spear shrimp Shukna/Gosha chingri or Gura icha M
37 Prapenaeopsis cromandelica Coromandel shrimp Chama chingri M
38 Parapenaeopsis sculptilis Rainbow shrimp Baghatara chingri/ Bado chama M
39 Parapenaeopsi stylifera Kiddi shrimp Ruda chingri M
40 Parapenaeopsi uncta Uncta shrimp Khoira chingri M
41 Parapenaeopsis cornuta maxillipedo Torpedo shrimp Torpedo chingri M
42 Leptocarpus potamiscus Bombay prawn Lona chingri B, M
43 Solenocera subnuda Coastal mud shrimp Sora chingri. B, M
44 Solenocera melantho Chinese mud shrimp Kara chama. M
45 Solenocera hextii Deep-sea mudshrimp Kada chingri. M
46 Solenocera indica Coastal mud shrimp Lal/ Kada chingri. M
47 Trachypenaeus curvirostris Southern rough shrimp Kharkharia/Khaskhasia chingri M
48 Acetes indicus Jawla paste shrimp Dhaina icha B, CR
49 Acetes erythraeus Tshivakhini paste shrimp Varta/Layla chingri. B
50 Acetes japonicas Akiami paste shrimp Layla icha. M
51 Acetes chinensis Northern mouxia shrimp Chingri. CR, M
52 Acetes intermedius Taiwan mouxia shrimp Chingri M
53 Acetes vulgaris Jembret rimp. Chingri. M
54 Hippsolysmata / Exhippolysmata ensirostris. Hunter shrimp Shikari chingri M
55 Hippolysmata vittata Indian lined shrimp Lona chingri M
56 Heterocarpus gibbosus Humpback nylon shrimp Nylone chingri M
57 Heterocarpus woodmasoni Indian nylone shrimp Nylone chingri. M
58 Plesionika martia Golden shrimp Sonali chingri. M
59 Alphaeus euphrosyne Nymph snapping shrimp Pina icha B
60 Caridina gracilirostris Needle nose caridina Guisa icha/ Gusa chingri F,B
61 Caridina propinaqua Bengal caridina Chuanicha chingri F,B

Here, F= Freshwater; B= Brackish water;   M=Marine; CR= Coastal region



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