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Photofeature: Freshwater Fishes of Sunamganj Haor Area (Part P2)


Puntius chonchonius (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822)

Puntius conchonius

Puntius conchonius

English Name: Rosy barb, Red barb Bengali Name: Kanchan punti (কাঞ্চন পুঁটি), Punti (পুঁটি) and Taka punti (টাকা পুঁটি) IUCN (Bangladesh) Status: Not Threatened


Puntius cosuatis (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822) Oreichthys cosuatis (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822)

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Spottedsail barb, Puntius phutunio (Hamilton, 1822)

Spottedsail barb: Puntius phutunio

Spottedsail barb: Puntius phutunio

Systematic position Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes) Order: Cypriniformes (Carps) Family: Cyprinidae (Carps and minnows) Genus: Puntius Species: P. phutunio

Synonyms Barbus phutunio (Hamilton, 1822) Cyprinus phutunio Hamilton, 1822 Systomus leptosomus McClelland, …read more