Tetraodon cutcutia
Tetraodon cutcutia


Tetraodon cutcutia Hamilton, 1822, Fishes of Ganges. p.8.

Tetraodon caria Hamilton, 1822, Fishes of Ganges. p.9-10.

Tetraodon gularis Hamilton, 1822, Fishes of Ganges. p.9-10.

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Monotretus cutcutia Munro, 1955, Marine and Freshwater Fishes of Ceylon. p. 282.

Common name: Ocellated pufferfish

Local name: Tepa, Kutkuitta, Potka

Taxonomy position:

Phylum- Chordata


Order- Tetraodontiformes

Family- Tetraodontidae

Genus- Tetraodon Linnaeus

Fin formula:

D. 10-11; P1. 20-21; P2. Absent; A. 10; C. 7 (Rahman, 2005)

Description of the species:

Broad head and back is tapering abruptly to tail. Mouth opening is a little inferior with two large teeth on each jaw. Gill-openings very reduced and restricted in front of pectoral base. Each nostril forms single orifice situated at end of a very simple short tube. Nostril is nearer to angle of mouth than to anterior margin of eyes. Eyes are large and situated slightly behind middle of head. Dorsal placed well back and above origin of anal. Distance between dorsal origin and anal base equals half the distance between dorsal and posterior edge of the mouth. All fins rounded. Body colour: Greenish yellow above, white in the abdomen. A light band is found between eyes. A large black ocellus is surrounded by a light edge, on the side anterior to the origin of anal fin (Rahman, 1989).

Habit and Habitat:

In ponds, beels, canals, rivers and other water areas throughout the study area (Bhuiyan et al., 1992).

Economic importance:

Market value is high due to its unavailability and test but it is a very poisonous fish specially its breeding season (rainy season).


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Tetraodon cutcutia

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