Book Profile: Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Volume 24 (Marine Fishes)
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Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Volume 24 (Marine Fishes) presents the first illustrated compendium of all the the Marine fishes of Bangladesh. This book would be helpful to those specifically working for biodiversity conservation and to the teachers and students of the natural sciences, as well as to the general readers. This work is sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of Bangladesh and undertaken for implementation by the oldest learned body of the country, the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.

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Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh


Volume 24 (Marine Fishes)

Chief Editor

Zia Uddin Ahmedi

Editors AK Ataur Rahman, Syed M Humayun Kabir, Monawar Ahmad, Abu Tweb Abu Ahmed, ZN Tahmida Begum, Md Abul Hassan and Moniruzzaman Khondker
Cover design Enam Ul Haque
Pre-press and Graphics M Shakhawat Hossain
Contributors Tahmina Afroz, Abu Tweb Abu Ahmed, Shamima Akter, Gazi Nurul Alam, Ricardo Betancur-R, Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury, Shobnom Ferdous, Md Emdadul Haque, Wahida Haque, AK Yousuf Haroon, Md Abul Hossain, MA kader, Patricia J Kailola, Fahmeda Khanam, Md Manzoorul Kibria, Gulshan Ara Latifa, ATM Taufiq Mahmud, Popey Mondal, AK Ataur Rahman, M Arifur Rahman, Mukhlesur Rahman, Md Raknuzzaman, Frahana Ruma, Md Nasiruddin Sada, Md Salequzzaman, Noman Ahmed Siddique and Nahid Sultana


Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 5, Old Secretariat Road, Nimtali, Ramna, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh, Telephone: +88 02 716 8940, FAX: +880 2 716 8853, Email: [email protected],

Copy write

Asiatic Society of Bangladesh

First Published 

January 2009



Total Pages



BDT. 800.00 only

This book provides 402 number of marine fish species (of Bay of Bangle) profile under some common headings such as- Scientific name, Synonyms, English names, Local names, Description, Habits and habitats, Distribution, Economic importance, Ecological role, Status and conservation and Remarks. Followings Orders and Families are included here.



Orectolobiformes Hemiscylliidae, Stegostomatidae, Rhincodontidae
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae, Carcharhinidae, Triakidae, Hemigaleidae, Sphyrnidae
Rhinobatiformes Rhinobatidae
Myliobatiformes Gymnuridae, Dasyatidae, Myliobatidae, Mobulidae, Rhinopteridae
Pristiformes Pristidae
Torpediniformes Narcinidae
Elopiformes Elopidae
Anguilliformes Anguillidae, Muraenidae, Ophichthidae, Congridae
Clupeiformes Clupeidae, Engraulidae, Chirocentridae, Pristigasteridae
Siluriformes Ariidae, Plotosidae
Aulopiformes Chlorophthalmidae, Synodontidae, Harpadontidae
Gadiformes Moridae, Macrouridae
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae
Lophiiformes Lophiidae, Antennariidae, Ogcocephalidae
Beloniformes Exocoetidae, Hemirhamphidae, Belonidae
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae, Diretmidae, Holocentridae
Zeiformes Zeidae, Caproidae
Syngnathiformes Fistulariidae, Syngnathidae
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae, Dactylopteridae, Synanceiidae, Platycephalidae, Bembridae, Peristediidae
Perciformes Ambassidae, Acropomatidae, Serranidae, Teraponidae, Priacanthidae, Apogonidae, Sillaginidae, Lactariidae, Rachycentridae, Echeneidae, Carangidae, Coryphaenidae, Menidae, Leiognathidae, Lutjanidae, Gerreidae, Haemulidae, Sparidae, Lethrinidae, Nemipteridae, Sciaenidae, Mullidae, Monodactylidae, Pempheridae, Toxotidae, Kyphosidae, Ephippidae, Drepanidae, Chaetodontidae, Pomacanthidae, Pomacentridae, Cirrihitidae, Mugilidae, Sphyraenidae, Polynemidae, Labridae, Scaridae, Champsodontidae, Uranoscopidae, Percophidae, Blenniifae, Callionymidae, Cobiidae, Kurtidae, Siganidae, Gempylidae, Trichiuridae, Scombridae, Xiphiidae, Istiophoridae, Nomeidae, Ariommatidae, Stromateidae
Pleronectiformes Psettodidae, Citharidae, Bothidae, Paralichthyidae, Cynoglossidae, Soledae
Tetraodontiformes Triacanthodidae, Triacanthidae, Balistidae, Ostraciidae, Tetraodontidae, Diodontidae


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Book Profile: Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Volume 24 (Marine Fishes)

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