Corica soborna

Systematic position
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Clupeiformes (Herrings)
Suborder: Clupeoidei
Family: Clupeidae (Herrings; shads, sprats, sardines, pilchards, and menhadens)
Genus: Corica
Species: C. soborna

Corica argentata Swainson, 1839
Corica biharensis Kamal & Ahsan, 1979
Corica pseudopterus  (Bleeker, 1852)
Spratella pseudopterus Bleeker, 1852

Common/local names
English: Ganges river sprat and Ganga river-sprat
Bangladesh: Kachki (কাচকি), Guramach (গুড়ামাছ) and Taki (তাকি)
India: Soborna-khorica (West Bengal) (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991)

Distributions: Bangladesh; India (West Bengal and Orissa) and Indonesia (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991).

Conservation status: Not threatened in Bangladesh (IUCN Bangladesh, 2000).

Morphology: Body elongate and laterally compressed. Belly keeled with 11+6 or 7 (usually 7) scutes; lower gillrakers 19-21 (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991). Last two rays of anal fin forming a separate finlet. 40-43 scales in lateral series (Rahman, 1989 and 2005). Caudal forked, lower lobe slightly longer.

Body color brownish. A faint lateral band running longitudinally. Caudal with faint edges and a faint black spot at its base.

Fin formula:
D. 15-16; A. 14-15; C. 19 (Bhuiyan, 1964)
D. 14-15; P1. 12-13; P2. 8; A. 13-14+2 (Rahman, 1989 and 2005)
D ii 13-14; A ii 12-13 + ii; P 13; V i 7 (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991)
D. 15-16; P. 13; V. 8; A. 14-15; C. 19 (Shafi and Quddus, 2001)

Maximum lengths: 3 cm TL (Bhuiyan, 1964), 3.5 cm TL (Rahman, 1989 and 2005), 4 cm SL (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991) and 6 cm (Shafi and Quddus, 2001).

Habitats: Rivers and estuaries (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991). Abundant in rivers throughout Bangladesh (Rahman, 1989 and 2005). Found in ponds, pools, smaller streams and rivers (Bhuiyan, 1964). Recorded in the Chalan Beel (Galib et al., 2009) and Halti Beel (Imteazzaman and Galib, 2013).

Fishery info: Small contribution to fisheries (Talwar and Jhingran, 1991). Popular food fish in Bangladesh. Taken both fresh and sun-dried. According to Bhuiyan (1964) this fish has no importance to fisheries. Has medicinal value and used as a bait for fishing (Bhuiyan, 1964).



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Ganges river sprat, Corica soborna Hamilton, 1822

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