Coverpage of FAN-Bangladesh Newsletter
Cover-page of FAN-Bangladesh

FAN Bangladesh is a newsletter relevant to fisheries and aquaculture. The elaboration of FAN is Fisheries and Aquaculture News. It is published by the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum (BFRF). The first issue of this magazine has been published in 2011 (Vol. 1, July-December 2011). The ISSN of this issue is 2219-9136. It includes articles on culture to conservation, genetics to socioeconomics and harvest to export with regular columns like- books, journals, webpages, conferences/seminars and post cards.

Editorial Team:

  • Editor: Prof. Dr. Mostafa A R Hossain
  • Technical Editor: Dr. Md. Enamul Hoq
  • Members:
    • Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam
    • Nasiruddin Md. Humayun
    • A.B.M. Shamsul Alam Badol


Vol.1, July-December 2011: at a glance

  • Genetics of fish seed quality
  • Rapid detection of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) infection by PCR technique
  • Sharks- a threatened biodiversity in the coastal water of Bangladesh
  • The riverine habitat deterioration and fish biodiversity loss in Northwest Bangldesh
  • Matshaya rani sanctuary in the river old Brahmaputra
  • Formation of different morphotypes in male Golda (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
  • Threatened fish biodiversity of Dingapota haor in the North-East Bangladesh
  • Fisheries for society: Way to poverty alleviation and nutrition in Noakhali coast
  • New ice box in fish transportation and trade reduce post-harvest loss in Bangladesh
  • Quest for antioxidants in fishes
  • BdFISH: An online platform for sharing fisheries information

Other regular columns:

  • Post card:
    • Postcard from Texas
  • Other aquatic animals:
    • Argulus
  • Fish file:
    • Sicamugil cascasia
  • Web page:
    • Net of knowledge and information
  • Fish information:
    • Piece of information on fish- the tiniest and the largest
  • Organizations:
    • Fish Museum and Biodiversity Center (FMBC): conservation through education and research
    • Department of Fisheries (DoF)- at a glance
    • Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute: New hope in fisheries R&D
    • BFDC at a glace
    • The WorldFish Center
    • Prospects of fisheries resources development in greater Sylhet region and role of Faculty of Fisheries, Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Training:
    • BFRF training
  • New books:
    • Genetics of aquaculture and fisheries management
    • Sundarbans mangrove: fish & fisheries
    • Participatory training of trainers
  • Fish facts:
    • Be aware- poisonous Potka
  • Peer reviewed articles:
    • Papers published in 2010-2011 on Bangladesh fisheries and related aspects in international peer reviewed journals
  • Events:
    • Upcoming events- Seminars, Workshops & Expos


If you are interested to read this issue, please download from here. You may also download form here.


From the editor’s column:

We welcomes your suggestions for any content you would like us to include in the future issues of FAN-Bangladesh, as well as article submissions on topics of current interest in the national and global fisheries and aquaculture sector. We encourage all readers to write to us with their innovative and novel views on what you think the future direction of FAN-Bangladesh should be.


Second issue is coming soon…
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