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Teachers Profile: Dr. M. Manjurul Alam

Dr. M. Manjurul Alam

Dr. M. Manjurul Alam Associate Professor Department of Fisheries University of Rajshahi Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh.

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +88 0721 751355; +88 01712172018

Research interest: Fish biology

Professional experience

Academic (23 October 2000 – to Date)

Preparing and delivering lectures in under graduate and post …read more

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Ten Vulnerable Fishes of Bangladesh: Recorded from Chalan Beel

A total of 54 native freshwater fish species of Bangladesh have been declared threatened by IUCN Bangladesh (2000). Among them 12 species are recorded as critically endangered, 28 species are endangered and rest 14 species are vulnerable.

Out of 54 threatened freshwater fish species of Bangladesh, 28 species are found in Chalan Beel (5 species are critically endangered, 12 species are endangered and rest 10 species are vulnerable).

Vulnerable fish …read more

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Teachers Profile: Md. Mahbubul Hassan

Md. Mahbubul Hassan

Md. Mahbubul Hassan Assistant Professor Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU) Dinajpur-5200, Bangladesh

Contact: Phone: 0088-0531-51734 Fax: 0088-0531-61311 Mobile: +88 01717 100639 Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Research Interest:

Fish Sperm biology and cryopreservation Aquatic biodiversity Climate change impacts on fisheries


Research Experience

Project – 1: …read more

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Freshwater and Estuarine Fishes of Bangladesh

Freshwater and Estuarine Fishes: General parameter to differentiate freshwater from estuarine habitat is the salinity level of water. Freshwater contains less than 0.5 ppt (Parts Per Thousand) salinity whereas estuarine water contains moderate salinity (generally 14-17 ppt). We can easily define freshwater and estuarine fish species in such ways that “fishes live in freshwater habitats are called freshwater fish and fishes live in estuarine habitat are called estuarine fishes.”

But, …read more

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Threatened to Extinct Fishes of Bangladesh

Threatened to extinct fishes of Bangladesh: The IUCN Bangladesh (2000) has made a list of threatened to extinct fishes of Bangladesh. These species are considered as threatened fishes of Bangladesh. The National Categories of Threatened Animals are based on the Global Threatened Categories of IUCN. Bangladesh National Criteria were developed on the basis of qualitative data due to the lack of quantitative ones. The National Categories and Criteria …read more