Devario assamensis
Assam Danio, Devario assamensis

Devario assamensis (Barman, 1984) was recorded (first time in Bangladesh) from Madhabkundo waterfalls and adjacent streams in Moulovibazar District of Bangladesh by Ahmed et al. in 2013 (Ahmed et al. 2013). It is a colourful fish and can be reared in aquarium as an ornamental fish. Water current and low temperature is suitable for it. Taxonomic position, synonym, morphology including size and scales, habited, distribution and conservation status of this fish are given bellow-

Taxonomic Position:
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Order: Cypriniformes (Carps)
Family: Cyprinidae (Minnows or carps)
Genus: Danioninae
Species: Devario assamensis

Danio assamensis Barman, 1984

Common name

  • English: Assam Danio


Body spindle shaped and laterally compressed. Barbel absent (present in Danio). Dorsal fin with light pinkish and caudal fin reddish; pectoral, pelvic and anal fin transparent. Caudal fin forked. Eyes large and mouth terminal. Two complete longitudinal orange color band just above the lateral line and on ventro-lateral region; two incomplete longitudinal orange color bands present on within the two complete bands where each of these two band fractured in thoracic region as well as anterior parts. Abdominal region white and rest of the body greenish to yellowish-green.

Lateral line 36-37; transversely 12-15

Length: 6.5 cm SL


Freshwater streams and pools; Mainly in cool temperature; benthopelagic. Tropical


Asia: Moulovibazar (Bangladesh) (Ahmed et al., 2013), Assam (India) (Kullander, 2001)


IUCN Red List Status
Vulnerable (IUCN, 2012)



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Devario assamensis (Barman, 1984): A newly recorded freshwater fish in Bangladesh

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