Common carp: <em>Cyprinus carpio communis</em>
Scale carp: Cyprinus carpio communis

Scale carp or [Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio var. communis] is a native species of temperate region of Asia, especially China. But now it is introduced as a cultivated carp species throughout the world. It is also known as scale carp this country. It is an omnivorous bottom dweller and decaying aquatic plant as well as vegetable matter.

It frequently burrows the pond bottom for searching food. This habit helps in the release of nutrients. At the some time it makes the water turbid and often damages the embankment (Rahman, 2005).

In tropical condition it attains sexual maturity within 1 year (Alikunhi, 1966). It spawns throughout the year in pond environment with two periods, one from January to March and the other during July to August. Spawning occurs in Shallow marginal weed infested areas. The growth of this carp differs greatly in accordance with temperature, availability of food, stocking density and supply of feed (Rahman, 2007). Common carp together with silver and grass carp are known as a sanitary fish, as they serves as biological control for maintaining the ecological balance in ponds (Santhanam et al., 1999).



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Photo credit: Shams Muhammad Galib

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Scale carp: Cyprinus carpio var. communis

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