A survey was carried out in several fish land centers of the country situated in the southern districts of Bangladesh to identify the commonly captured fishes from the coastal and marine environment of the country by the fishermen. A checklist of harvested fishes are mentioned here in the following table. However, this is not the complete list of such fish species, there may be some other species caught by the fishermen, but these are the commonly landed species.

Serial No. Local name Scientific name Common name
01 Hangor, Kamot Rhizoprionodon acutus Requiem sharks
02 Tailla Eleutheronema tetradactylum Four Thread Tassel fish
03 Tuna Thunnus albacores Tuna
04 Loittya, Nehari Harpodon nehereus Bombay-duck
05 Kala Poa, Kala Datina Protonibea diacanthus Spotted Croaker
06 Bom Maitta Euthynnus affinis Tuna
07 Sapla Pata Dasyatis kuhlii Blue spotted rays
09 Ilish Hilsa ilisha River shad
10 Phasa Thryssa setirostris Long jaw thryrssa
11 Samudra Ghora Hippocampus kuda Sea horse
12 Padmamoni, Kulta Gymnura poecilura Long tailed butterfly ray
13 Sankush, Haush Pata Dasyatis bennetti Skates and Rays
14 Khaira Sardinella fimbriata Fringe scale sardine
15 Kata Phasa Stolephorus tri Spined Anchovy
16 Poa, Poma Argyrosomus amoyensis Amoy croaker
17 Bata Liza subviridis Greenback mullet
18 Gutra Ilish Hilsa kelee Klee shad, Five spots herrings
19 Ek Thute Rhynchorhamphus georgii Long billed half beak
20 Rup Chanda Pampus chinensis Chinese Pomfret
25 Shankachil Aetomylaeus nichofii Skates and Rays
26 Hangor Chat Echeneis naucrates Slender sucker fish
27 Apuia Osteogeneiosus militaris Marine Cat fish
28 Tuitta Strongylura leiura Banded needlefish
29 Haturi Hangor Sphyra blochii Hammer-headed shark
30 Chitra Haus Hamantura uarnak Sting rays


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Commonly harvested fishes in the coastal and marine environments of Bangladesh

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