Md. Abu Nayeem

Md. Abu Nayeem
Research Assistant
WorldFish-Bangladesh and South Asia
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mobile : 01717063142
e-mail :

Career Objective:
A challenging position providing career enhancement with sportsman spirit, communication skill, development and educational experience, desire to work meaningfully through consistency, discipline and hardworking attitude where quality performance

Special Qualification:
Coordination, Training organizer, communication, relation buildup, case study, Expert User of Computer office software, Various Hardware, Troubleshooting and other Software like auto cad etc.


Employment History:

  • Total Year of Experience : 5.7 Year(s)
    Position: Research Assistant ( August 12, 2012 – Continuing)
    Organization: WorldFish-Bangladesh and South Asia
    Location: Banani, Dhaka
    Department: Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement Discipline

    • Assist management to identify brood source
    • Assist management to develop brood support plan
    • Brood transportation and distribution among the selected hatcheries based on target
    • Make aware ‘hatcheries technicians about the brood pond preparation, Assist hatcheries on brood post transportation handling during showering, take technical measures before stocking in pond, complying WF prescribed densities during stocking.
    • Guide hatcheries to keep brood with low densities during rearing period to improve fish fecundity & Introduce hatchery owners with the ‘WF-AIN protocol on species wise stocking density’
    • Aware hatcheries about the importance of ‘oxygen towers’ and ‘oxygen injectors machine’ and assist them during its installation and utilization properly
    • Involve with hatcheries directly during fish breeding and guide them to comply with WF breeding protocol.
    • Assist hatcheries to produce quality Spawn, Fry & Fingerlings transportation and distribution
    • Assist hatchery owner to develop a hatchery management plan and distribution plan
    • Assist management to arrange meeting or training session for hatcheryowners along with their technicians
    • Coaching hatchery owners along with their technicians about specific issue to improve their management system as well as production
    • Quarterly brood stock report submitted based on AIN template. As well as reporting like- Monthly, Quarterly, yearly report, Spawn production, brood distribution etc.
    • Monitoring trial on ‘comparative growth performance of AIN seed and non AIN seed in nursery pond.
    • Carry out field activity following the technical and business plan of the contact hatcheries for carp and tilapia for improving quality fish seed production including establishment of breeding nucleus, satellite and multiplication centers for quality brood fish development.
    • Work to arrange value chain actor’s workshops at hatchery and cbo level for dissemination and market promotion of improve quality seed of carps and tilapia in Barisal.
    • Work for sharing of ideas and learning among the stakeholders useful for building up capacity of the stakeholders to improve quality fish seed production, to follow Fish Hatchery Act 2010, Fish Hatchery Regulation 2011 and in establishment of Certification System for the hatchery.
    • Carry out regular monitoring and technical backstopping supports to contact hatcheries for implementation of activities following updated technical and business plan
    • Support to set up systems in each contact hatcheries to rear quality brood fish and GIFT strains by collecting spawn and fry of improved lines.
    • Carry out the performance of improved quality fish seed production at hatcheries and set up trials on comparisons of improved quality fish seed with non-improved seed with selected contact nurseries and grow-out farmers in the project areas.
    • Will be responsible to publicize the important outcomes of the project on printing and electronic media.
    • Work on data management of selected hatcheries, nurseries and grow-out involved in the activities with analysis and primary works for reporting.
    • Will carry out the activities with direct support from the Genetic Specialist and Hatchery Management Specialist working under the supervision of the project coordinator of WorldFish Center.


  • Field Coordinator ( December 01, 2010 – July 30, 2012)
    Organization: Refugee and Migratoty Movement Research Unit (RMMRU)
    Location: Sattar Bhavan (4th Floor), 3/3 Bijoynagar, Dhaka
    Department: Training and Extension

    1. Attend ToT of the proposed project
    2. Liaison with 15 Districts DEMO offices, Local level UP Chairman, Members, NGOs for selecting trainees from agencies, TTCs, BAIRA, NGO officials and Migrants etc.
    3. Prepare quarterly progress report of the project
    4. Assist trainer in selection of trainees, training venues and ensure all kinds of logistics are well organized.
    5. Conduct training session.
    6. Facilitate the baseline survey and final evaluation
    7. Liaison with BMET head office, BAIRA, TTCs and DEMO offices.
    8. Pre-training inspection
    9. Approve activity budget under RMMRU and BMET rule
    10. Provide information and supportive documents to the external and internal auditor
    11. Maintain project documents and personal file of the project staffs.
    12. Maintain petty cash bills and vouchers
    13. Purchase support materials for conduction of trainings and office stationary.


  • Farm Officer (Lab. & Qualiti Control) ( February 09, 2010 – November 28, 2010)
    Organization: C.P. Bangladesh Co.,Ltd
    Location: Uttara, Sector-6, Dhaka
    Department: Fisheries

    • Measuring and Controlling Farm Water Quality
    • Quality Control of Fish Fry and Fingerlings.
    • Identifying Various parasite, Disease on fish fry and take necessary action
    • Organize Training for Technical Officer and Local Farmer.
    • Support farmer in pond/site selection.
    • Support to the farmer in planning fish culture, culture plan designing and setting up farmer demonstration. Make regular field visits for monitoring farmer activities and data collection
    • Support in developing of farmer/worker training module, farmers guide books, Culture record book
    • Preparing monthly/quarterly technical reports
    • To Provide Support on Strategic planning for program implementation (annually, quarterly and monthly)
    • Coordination and communication with stakeholders, GOs Universities and Companies Dealers to ensure smooth implementation of the project;
    • To organize and conduction of meeting, seminar and workshop with project stakeholders, GOs and internal depot staffs.
    • To prepare various experimental and research protocol and guideline.
    • To provide technical support of the associate farmers, dealers and technical officers.
    • Provide support administrative work, various bill, voucher preparation, Worker salary sheet preparation and distribution etc.
    • Reporting to the Farm Manager


  • Apprentice (Project Officer) ( July 17, 2009 – December 18, 2009)
    Organization: Regional Fisheries and Livestock Development (Barisal Component) GoB-DANIDA
    Location: Barisal
    Department: Training and Extension

    • Ensure training & extension service for farmer group and support in capacity development of UFO, ULO Officers, CBOs, CBFM group, UPs, Private sector.
    • Guide and building capacity of Local Trainers hereunder assist in the ToT and Supervision of Farmer Field School under the component.
    • Assist in identification of need & developing new intervention for the development of the farmers/CBOs.
    • Assist in building capacity of CBO & other farmer group
    • Monitor, supervision and follow-up the training and other activity of Local Facilitator, FFS and CBO
    • Organized field visit for senior management and other visitor as and when requested
    • Participate in training/workshop as when requested by TSU/Joint management.
    • Assist to increasing the income, resources mobilizing, asset building and in hence livelihood.
    • To promote the enterprise and IGA for Ultra poor through finance, inputs asset transfer.
    • Implementing the integrated Fisheries -based livelihoods and food security project.
    • Implementing Lean Season Project to alternative employment creation through economic support.
    • Develop program operational planning and budgeting in accordance with program objectives & implementation.
    • To assist CBO staff and monitor CBO activities at Field level.
    • Conduct periodic meeting with CBO field staff as well as with CBO staff;


  • Upper Didision Assistant (UDA) ( January 03, 2009 – June 30, 2009)
    Organization: Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
    Location: 141-142 Love Road, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208.
    Department: Treasurers (Accounts)

    • Preparation AUST Salary Attendant Report
    • Maintaining and distributing various file, Checks and voucher
    • Income reconciliation, Bank Statement Management etc.
    • Reporting to the Treasurer.
  • Consultant ( July 01, 2007 – December 31, 2007)
    Organization: Khan Fish Farm and Hatchery
    Location: Bosundia, Jessor

    • All Technical support for the production of Monosex Tilapia
    • Hatchery Design Implementation
    • Organize Training for Hatchery staff
    • Farm monitoring, staff work monitoring, work schedule preparation etc


Academic Qualification:

  • Exam Title: M.S In Fisheries Technology
    Concentration/Major: Fisheries
    Institute: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
    Result: CGPA:3.62 out of 4
    Year: 2008
    Duration: 1.5 Years
  • Exam Title: B.Sc Fisheries Hons
    Concentration/Major: Fisheries
    Institute: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
    Result: CGPA:2.74 out of 4
    Year: 2006
    Duration: 4 Years
  • Exam Title: H.S.C
    Concentration/Major: Science
    Institute: K.B. Intermediate College, BAU, Mymensingh
    Result: Second Division, Marks :54.9%
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 2 Years
  • Exam Title: S.S.C
    Concentration/Major: Science
    Institute: Agricultural University High School, BAU, Mymensingh
    Result: First Division, Marks: 62.7%
    Year: 1999
    Duration: 10 Years


Training Summary:

  • Training Title: Package Program
    Topic: Win,95; 98; 2000 & XP, MS Word, MS Excel, Power point
    Institute: Cyber Computer Clinic, BAU, Mymensingh
    Country: Bangladesh
    Location: BAU, Mymensingh
    Year: 2008
    Duration: 3 Months
  • Training Title: Aquaculture Extension and Training Methodology
    Topic: Aquaculture Extension and Training Methodology
    Institute: North West Fisheries Recourses Development and Management Project (Phase-3)
    Country: Bangladesh
    Location: Parbatipur, Dinajpure
    Year: 2007
    Duration: 5 Days


Professional Qualification:

  • Certification: Apprentice (Training and Extension)
    Institute: Regional Fisheries and Livestock Development Component-Barisal Component
    Location: Lalmohan, Bhola
    Duration: June 06, 2009 to December 31, 2009



Fields of Specialization:

  •   Rural Development
  •   Scientific Research


Research work information:

  • Research project:
    Improvement of Food Quality of Traditional Fishery Products of Bangladesh, funded by Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) Mymensingh.
  • MS research title:
    Improvement of Food Qualities of Traditional Semi Fermented Fishery Products (Chepa shutki) of Bangladesh
  • Research paper publication:
    1. Marketing system of traditional dried and semi fermented fish product (Chepa Shutki) and Socio-Economic Condition of the Retailers in local markets of Mymensingh region, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Research Publication Journal. ISSN-1998-2003, Vol.:-4, Issue-1, page-69-75, May-June-2010.
    2. Quality Assessment of Traditional Semi-fermented Fishery Product of Bangladesh Collected from the value chain. Bangladesh Research Publication Journal. ISSN-1998-2003, Vol.:-4, Issue-1, page-41-46, May-June-2010.
  • Analytical Work on:
    • Nutritional value and food quality of dried and cooked products from Mola fish
    • Changed in nutritional and food quality of Mola fish in chilled and frozen storage.
    • Fisheries and Fisheries Technology
    • Coordination with GO,NGO,Local Govt.


Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Expert User of Computer Office Program,Trouble Shooting,Windows 2. Expert in Motorbike driving
  • Language Proficiency (Reading, Writing and Speaking):
    • Bangla (high, high and high)
    • English (Medium, High and Medium)


Personal Details :

  • Father’s Name : Md. Abdul Wadud
  • Mother’s Name : Nazmun Nahar
  • Date of Birth : October 01, 1984
  • Gender : Male
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Nationality : Bangladeshi
  • Religion : Islam
  • Current Address : House no. 69/5, Ward No.: 19, Road: Bolashpur road, Post.: Keutkhali, Thana: Sadar, Dist.: Mymensingh-2201.
  • Home Address : 7 Towers, First Floor, YWCA of Barisal Lane, Police Line, Barisal
  • Current Location : Mymensingh


Reference (s):

  • Dr. M.G Hossain
    Organization: WorldFish-Bangladesh
    Designation: Fish Genetics Specialist
    Address: House-22/B, Road-7, Block-F, Banani, Dhaka
    Mobile: 01715155980 01712192423
    E-Mail :
    Relation: Professional Professional
  • Dr. Benoy Kumar Barman
    Organization: WorldFish-Bangladesh
    Designation: Senior Scientist
    Address: House-22/B, Road-7, Block-F, Banani, Dhaka House-22/B, Road-7, Block-F, Banani, Dhaka
    Mobile : 01715155980 01712192423
    E-Mail :
    Relation : Professional Professional

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Fisheries Personnel Profile: Md. Abu Nayeem

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