is for Ailia [কাজুলি বা বাঁশপাতা]


is for Bronze Featherback [ফলি বা ফলুই]


is for Climbing Perch [কই]


is for Dogfish [হাঙ্গরজাতীয় মাছ]


is for Eel [কুচিয়া]


is for Freshwater Shark [বোয়াল]


is for Gourami [খলিশা]


is for Hilsa Shad [ইলিশ]


is for Indian River Shad [খয়রা]


is for Jaya [জয়া]


is for Kalbasu [কালবাউস]


is for
Long-whiskered Catfish [আইর]


is for Mullet [খরসুলা]


is for Nandus [মেনি বা ভেদা]


is for Olive Barb [সরপুটি]


is for Puffer Fish [পটকা]


is for Queen Loach [রাণি]


is for Rohu [রুই]


is for Sole [কাঠালপাতা বা সরবতি]


is for Tengara [টেংরা]


is for Upside-down Catfish


is for Vacha [বাচা]


is for Walking Snakehead [চ্যাং]


is for Xenentodon [কাঁকিলা]


is for Y-loach [ওয়াই লোচ]


is for Zig Zag Eel [বাইম]


Image of Dogfish and Upside-down catfish is taken from Wikipedia. The original author of Dogfish is Fbattail and the author of Upside-down catfish is unknown.

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