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List of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh and their conservation status

Conservation status of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh (According to IUCN Bangladesh (2015a, b))

Conservation status of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh (According to IUCN Bangladesh (2015a, b))

List of freshwater fishes of Bangladesh including their local conservation status (IUCN 2015a and b) are given below. In the list, name of fishes has been arranged alphabetically. The latest local conservation status of listed fishes is mentioned here according to Red List of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh 2015 by IUCN Bangladesh.


1 Acanthocobitis botia Least Concern (LC)
2 Acanthocobitis zonalternans Least Concern (LC)
3 Ailia coila Least Concern (LC)
4 Ailia punctata Least Concern (LC)
5 Ambassis nalua Data Deficient (DD)
6 Amblyceps laticeps Vulnerable (VU)
7 Amblyceps mangois Least Concern (LC)
8 Amblypharyngodon microlepis Least Concern (LC)
9 Amblypharyngodon mola Least Concern (LC)
10 Anabas cobojius Data Deficient (DD)
11 Anabas testudineus Least Concern (LC)
12 Anguilla bengalensis Vulnerable (VU)
13 Anodontostoma chacunda Least Concern (LC)
14 Aplocheilus panchax Least Concern (LC)
15 Apocryptes bato Least Concern (LC)
16 Aspidoparia jaya Least Concern (LC)
17 Aspidoparia morar Vulnerable (VU)
18 Awaous grammepomus Vulnerable (VU)
19 Awaous guamensis Least Concern (LC)
20 Badis badis Near Threatened (NT)
21 Badis chittagongis Data Deficient (DD)
22 Bagarius bagarius Critically Endangered (CR)
23 Bagarius yarrelli Data Deficient (DD)
24 Balitora brucei Data Deficient (DD)
25 Bangana dero Data Deficient (DD)
26 Barilius barila Data Deficient (DD)
27 Barilius barna Endangered (EN)
28 Barilius bendelisis Endangered (EN)
29 Barilius shacra Least Concern (LC)
30 Barilius tileo Endangered (EN)
31 Barilius vagra Endangered (EN)
32 Batasio batasio Near Threatened (NT)
33 Batasio tengana Endangered (EN)
34 Boleophthalmus boddarti Least Concern (LC)
35 Botia dario Endangered (EN)
36 Botia dayi Endangered (EN)
37 Botia lohachata Endangered (EN)
38 Botia rostrata Data Deficient (DD)
39 Brachygobius nunus Least Concern (LC)
40 Butis butis Least Concern (LC)
41 Butis melanostigma Least Concern (LC)
42 Canthophrys gongota Near Threatened (NT)
43 Catla catla Least Concern (LC)
44 Chaca chaca Endangered (EN)
45 Chagunius chagunio Vulnerable (VU)
46 Chanda nama Least Concern (LC)
47 Channa barca Critically Endangered (CR)
48 Channa gachua Least Concern (LC)
49 Channa marulius Endangered (EN)
50 Channa orientalis Least Concern (LC)
51 Channa punctatus Least Concern (LC)
52 Channa striatus Least Concern (LC)
53 Chela cachius Vulnerable (VU)
54 Chela laubuca Least Concern (LC)
55 Chelonodon patoca Data Deficient (DD)
56 Chitala chitala Endangered (EN)
57 Cirrhinus cirrhosus Near Threatened (NT)
58 Cirrhinus reba Near Threatened (NT)
59 Clarias batrachus Least Concern (LC)
60 Clupisoma garua Endangered (EN)
61 Coilia dussumieri Least Concern (LC)
62 Coilia ramcarati Least Concern (LC)
63 Conta conta Near Threatened (NT)
64 Corica soborna Least Concern (LC)
65 Crossocheilus latius Endangered (EN)
66 Ctenops nobilis Least Concern (LC)
67 Cynoglossus arel Least Concern (LC)
68 Cynoglossus cynoglossus Least Concern (LC)
69 Cynoglossus lingua Least Concern (LC)
70 Danio annulosus Data Deficient (DD)
71 Danio dangila Vulnerable (VU)
72 Danio rerio Near Threatened (NT)
73 Dermogenus brachynotopterus Data Deficient (DD)
74 Dermogenys pusillus Least Concern (LC)
75 Devario aequipinnatus Data Deficient (DD)
76 Devario anomalus Endangered (EN)
77 Devario devario Least Concern (LC)
78 Eleotris fusca Least Concern (LC)
79 Eleotris lutea Data Deficient (DD)
80 Erethistes pussilus Least Concern (LC)
81 Esomus danricus Least Concern (LC)
82 Esomus lineatus Data Deficient (DD)
83 Eugnathogobius oligactis Vulnerable (VU)
84 Eutropiichthys murius Least Concern (LC)
85 Eutropiichthys vacha Least Concern (LC)
86 Gagata cenia Least Concern (LC)
87 Gagata gagata Least Concern (LC)
88 Gagata youssoufi Near Threatened (NT)
89 Garra annandalei Endangered (EN)
90 Garra gotyla Endangered (EN)
91 Glossogobius giuris Least Concern (LC)
92 Glyptothorax cavia Data Deficient (DD)
93 Glyptothorax indicus Data Deficient (DD)
94 Glyptothorax telchitta Vulnerable (VU)
95 Gobiopsis macrostoma Data Deficient (DD)
96 Gobiopterus chuno Least Concern (LC)
97 Gogangra viridescens Least Concern (LC)
98 Gonialosa manmina Least Concern (LC)
99 Gudusia chapra Vulnerable (VU)
100 Hara hara Least Concern (LC)
101 Hara jerdoni Least Concern (LC)
102 Hemibagrus menoda Near Threatened (NT)
103 Heteropneustes fossilis Least Concern (LC)
104 Hilsa kelee Least Concern (LC)
105 Hyporhamphus limbatus Least Concern (LC)
106 Ichthyocampus carce Near Threatened (NT)
107 Ilisha filigera Least Concern (LC)
108 Ilisha megaloptera Least Concern (LC)
109 Ilisha melastoma Data Deficient (DD)
110 Johnius coitor Least Concern (LC)
111 Labeo angra Least Concern (LC)
112 Labeo ariza Vulnerable (VU)
113 Labeo bata Least Concern (LC)
114 Labeo boga Critically Endangered (CR)
115 Labeo boggut Vulnerable (VU)
116 Labeo calbasu Least Concern (LC)
117 Labeo dyocheilus Data Deficient (DD)
118 Labeo fimbriatus Data Deficient (DD)
119 Labeo gonius Near Threatened (NT)
120 Labeo nandina Critically Endangered (CR)
121 Labeo pangusia Endangered (EN)
122 Labeo rohita Least Concern (LC)
123 Laubuca brahmaputraensis Data Deficient (DD)
124 Lepidocephalichthys annadalei Vulnerable (VU)
125 Lepidocephalichthys berdmorei Least Concern (LC)
126 Lepidocephalichthys guntea Least Concern (LC)
127 Lepidocephalichthys irrorata Vulnerable (VU)
128 Liza parsia Least Concern (LC)
129 Liza subviridis Least Concern (LC)
130 Macrognathus aculeatus Near Threatened (NT)
131 Macrognathus aral Data Deficient (DD)
132 Macrognathus pancalus Least Concern (LC)
133 Macrospinosa cuja Near Threatened (NT)
134 Mastacembelus armatus Endangered (EN)
135 Megarasbora elanga Endangered (EN)
136 Microphis cuncalus Vulnerable (VU)
137 Microphis deocata Vulnerable (VU)
138 Monopterus cuchia Vulnerable (VU)
139 Mugil cephalus Least Concern (LC)
140 Mystus armatus Data Deficient (DD)
141 Mystus bleekeri Least Concern (LC)
142 Mystus cavasius Near Threatened (NT)
143 Mystus gulio Near Threatened (NT)
144 Mystus tengara Least Concern (LC)
145 Mystus vittatus Least Concern (LC)
146 Nandus nandus Near Threatened (NT)
147 Nangra bucculenta Data Deficient (DD)
148 Nangra nangra Least Concern (LC)
149 Nangra ornata Data Deficient (DD)
150 Nematalosa nasus Least Concern (LC)
151 Neoeucirrhichthys maydelli Critically Endangered (CR)
152 Neolissochilus hexagonolepis Endangered (EN)
153 Neotropius atherinoides Least Concern (LC)
154 Notopterus notopterus Vulnerable (VU)
155 Odontamblyopus rubicundus Least Concern (LC)
156 Olyra longicaudata Endangered (EN)
157 Ompok bimaculatus Endangered (EN)
158 Ompok pabda Endangered (EN)
159 Ompok pabo Critically Endangered (CR)
160 Ophisternon bengalense Vulnerable (VU)
161 Oreichthys cosuatis Endangered (EN)
162 Oryzias carnaticus Data Deficient (DD)
163 Oryzias dancena Data Deficient (DD)
164 Oryzias melastigma Least Concern (LC)
165 Osteobrama cotio Near Threatened (NT)
166 Osteochilus hasseltii Vulnerable (VU)
167 Osteogeneiosus militaris Least Concern (LC)
168 Otolithoides pama Least Concern (LC)
169 Oxyurichthys microlepis Least Concern (LC)
170 Pangasius pangasius Endangered (EN)
171 Pangio oblonga Data Deficient (DD)
172 Pangio pangia Least Concern (LC)
173 Parambasis ranga Least Concern (LC)
174 Paramugil parmatus Least Concern (LC)
175 Paraplagusia bilineata Least Concern (LC)
176 Parapocryptes batoides Least Concern (LC)
177 Pellona ditchela Least Concern (LC)
178 Periophthalmodon schlosseri Least Concern (LC)
179 Periophthalmus barbarous Least Concern (LC)
180 Periophthalmus koelreuteri Least Concern (LC)
181 Pethia conchonius Least Concern (LC)
182 Pethia gelius Near Threatened (NT)
183 Pethia guganio Least Concern (LC)
184 Pethia phutunio Least Concern (LC)
185 Pethia ticto Vulnerable (VU)
186 Pisodonophis boro Least Concern (LC)
187 Pisodonophis cancrivorus Least Concern (LC)
188 Platycephalus indicus Least Concern (LC)
189 Plotosus canius Near Threatened (NT)
190 Polynemous paradiseus Least Concern (LC)
191 Pseudambassis baculis Near Threatened (NT)
192 Pseudambassis lala Least Concern (LC)
193 Pseudapocryptes elongatus Least Concern (LC)
194 Pseudecheneis sulcata Data Deficient (DD)
195 Pseudolaguvia inornata Data Deficient (DD)
196 Pseudolaguvia muricata Data Deficient (DD)
197 Pseudolaguvia ribeiroi Data Deficient (DD)
198 Pseudolaguvia shawi Data Deficient (DD)
199 Pseudosphromenus cupanus Least Concern (LC)
200 Psilorhynchus balitora Least Concern (LC)
201 Psilorhynchus gracilis Near Threatened (NT)
202 Psilorhynchus rahmani Data Deficient (DD)
203 Psilorhynchus sucatio Near Threatened (NT)
204 Puntius chola Least Concern (LC)
205 Puntius puntio Data Deficient (DD)
206 Puntius sophore Least Concern (LC)
207 Puntius terio Least Concern (LC)
208 Raiamas bola Endangered (EN)
209 Raiamas guttatus Data Deficient (DD)
210 Rama chandramara Least Concern (LC)
211 Rasbora daniconius Least Concern (LC)
212 Rasbora rasbora Near Threatened (NT)
213 Rhinomugil corsula Least Concern (LC)
214 Rita rita Endangered (EN)
215 Salmophasia bacaila Least Concern (LC)
216 Salmostoma acinaces Least Concern (LC)
217 Salmostoma argentea Data Deficient (DD)
218 Salmostoma phulo Near Threatened (NT)
219 Salmostoma sardinella Data Deficient (DD)
220 Scartelaos histophorus Least Concern (LC)
221 Schistura beavani Data Deficient (DD)
222 Schistura corica Critically Endangered (CR)
223 Schistura savona Near Threatened (NT)
224 Schistura scaturigina Endangered (EN)
225 Schistura sikmaiensis Endangered (EN)
226 Securicula gora Near Threatened (NT)
227 Setipinna phasa Least Concern (LC)
228 Setipinna taty Least Concern (LC)
229 Sicamugil cascasia Vulnerable (VU)
230 Sillaginopsis panijus Least Concern (LC)
231 Silonia silondia Least Concern (LC)
232 Sisor rabdophorus Critically Endangered (CR)
233 Sperata aor Vulnerable (VU)
234 Sperata seenghala Vulnerable (VU)
235 Stigmatogobius sadanundio Least Concern (LC)
236 Systomus sarana Near Threatened (NT)
237 Taenioides buchanani Least Concern (LC)
238 Taenioides cirratus Least Concern (LC)
239 Tenualosa ilisha Least Concern (LC)
240 Tenualosa toli Least Concern (LC)
241 Tetraodon cutcutia Least Concern (LC)
242 Thryssa purava Least Concern (LC)
243 Tor putitora Endangered (EN)
244 Tor tor Critically Endangered (CR)
245 Trichogaster chuna Least Concern (LC)
246 Trichogaster fasciata Least Concern (LC)
247 Trichogaster labiosus Least Concern (LC)
248 Trichogaster lalius Least Concern (LC)
249 Trichopsis vittata Least Concern (LC)
250 Trypauchen vagina Least Concern (LC)
251 Wallago attu Vulnerable (VU)
252 Xenentodon cancila Least Concern (LC)
253 Zenarchopterus ectuntio Data Deficient (DD)


NB: Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine categories, set through criteria such as rate of decline, population size, area of geographic distribution, and degree of population and distribution fragmentation. The term “Threatened” is a grouping of three categories such as Critically Endangered, Endangered, and Vulnerable.

Categories Criteria
Extinct (EX) No known individuals remaining
Extinct in the wild (EW) Known only to survive in captivity, or as a naturalized population outside its historic range
Critically endangered (CR) Extremely high risk of extinction in the wild
Endangered (EN) High risk of extinction in the wild
Vulnerable (VU) High risk of endangerment in the wild
Near threatened (NT) Likely to become endangered in the near future
Least concern (LC) Lowest risk. Does not qualify for a more at-risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category
Data deficient (DD) Not enough data to make an assessment of its risk of extinction
Not evaluated (NE) Has not yet been evaluated against the criteria


Red List Categories Regional or National Level (Source: IUCN Bangladesh (2015a, b))

Red List Categories Regional or National Level (Source: IUCN Bangladesh (2015a, b))



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